The Book of Ages

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Suspicious, Siyana grabbed a thick blanket to hide her light and trailed the stranger at a distance, deep into the woods, until he joined a group of bandits gathered around a campfire. She flew in as close as she dared and listened from a high branch.

"Well done, scout," said their leader. "Soon that village will be ours!" Siyana dropped the blanket and fled as quickly as she could. One of the bandits spotted her and fired an arrow. A terrible pain shot through her left wing, and she fell to the ground. Though she couldn't fly, the courageous faerie ran as swiftly as her legs would carry her, with the bandits in close pursuit.
When she finally reached the village, Siyana was out of breath and could not shout to wake the villagers! Instead, she focused all of her light faerie power to glow as brightly as she could. Thinking the sun had risen, the villagers came outside, and saw the band of thieves approaching. They armed themselves and chased the bandits away for good.

The villagers could hardly express their gratitude to the light faerie. One of the farmers, a Kacheek named Florin, told her that there was a noble Lupe she should perhaps meet. When she did, Siyana the light faerie came to be one of the founders of Altador.

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