The Book of Ages

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She knew the poor creature would not survive the fall, so she leapt off the cloud and darted downward, fluttering her wings as fast as they could go.

The turbulent sea grew closer and closer, and Psellia could see the Blumaroo's terrified eyes as he desperately flailed his arms toward her. Though her muscles burned with the effort of flying faster than she ever had, the air faerie was determined to catch the falling Neopet before it was too late.

Using the last of her strength, Psellia let loose an amazing burst of speed that only an air faerie could manage and grasped the Blumaroo's outstretched hand. With his paw firmly in her grip, Psellia tried to slow their fall, straining at the air until they landed in the ocean with an almost delicate splash. With the last of her energy, Psellia swam to a nearby shore, dragging the Blumaroo safely onto dry land, where they could recover.

This heroic tale spread quickly, and soon thereafter Altador requested that Psellia join him in forming the Kingdom of Altador.

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