The Book of Ages

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The Veiled Past

The early years flew by for King Altador and his council, as the city began to take form. For hundreds of miles, Neopians from all over the countryside flocked to the budding city. Its twelve heroic rulers pledged that, together, they would form the greatest and most noble city to ever grace Neopia's landscape. Even King Altador himself, when he wasn't holding court, would help place stones and build walls side by side with the his subjects.
These building sessions would often last late into the night, until the builders' torches had burned themselves out. The one who would one day come to be known as the Betrayer wished to use her magical powers to speed the process, but Altador simply shook his head each time she suggested it. "One appreciates a home far more when it is he who places its stones."

The truth of his words was bourne out by the immaculate care that Altador's inhabitants took of the city when it was finally completed. No one threw trash to the ground, or marked upon a wall, as that would only serve to dishonour and defile what they had strived so hard to create.

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