The Book of Ages

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The Protector

Our noble lady Jerdana, who protects the city from harm, has always held a special place in our hearts. She is a benevolent sorceress who commands great respect for her deeds.

Before joining the Council of Twelve, Jerdana was a wanderer. She called no place home for very long and relied on the kindness of those she aided for food and shelter. The Aisha was searching for something, but even she was not sure what it was that she sought.

One evening, Jerdana came across a Lupe hunter sitting by a campfire. Before she could even ask, he welcomed her to sit by the fire and share his food. Jerdana smiled and accepted the kind Lupe's offer.

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Chapter 9: The Thief
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Chapter 11: The Protector
Chapter 12: The Hunter