The Book of Ages

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The Gladiator

Physical strength, coupled with a strong sense of virtue, is often lacking in this world. One who steps forward and demonstrates both will quickly become a legend. Such is the tale of Torakor, the Gladiator.

In the old days, armies often collided, at a great cost of money and lives. Sometimes, to spare those costs, each army would send forth its greatest warrior and let a one-on-one battle decide the victor. A Grarrl named Torakor was the strongest warrior in one such army, and he won many victories for his commanding general. With Torakor faithfully at his side, the general thought his army to be invincible, and decided to expand his territories. Torakor was troubled by this, but who was he to question his leader?

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Chapter 6: The Wave
Chapter 7: The Gladiator
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Chapter 9: The Thief
Chapter 10: The Gatherer
Chapter 11: The Protector
Chapter 12: The Hunter