The Book of Ages

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The Wave

The courage to lead is a trait that few possess, and the ability to lead well is even rarer. Marak, the leader of a peaceful clan of Peophins, was one blessed with this ability...

Marak ruled over a small underwater village at the base of a drop-off just beyond the shore. His clan had coexisted peacefully with a town of fishermen who had lived on the coast for many years. Of late, however, due to their over-fishing, food was becoming scarce. The land folk blamed the shortage on the Peophins. Though Marak tried to reach a peace agreement with the leader of the fishermen, hostility between the two camps escalated quickly.

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Chapter 1: The Sleeper
Chapter 2: The Dreamer
Chapter 3: The First to Rise
Chapter 4: The Farmer
Chapter 5: The Dancer
Chapter 6: The Wave
Chapter 7: The Gladiator
Chapter 8: The Collector
Chapter 9: The Thief
Chapter 10: The Gatherer
Chapter 11: The Protector
Chapter 12: The Hunter