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Legends and Letters Codex Quest Starting Tomorrow
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on September 30, 2019, 12:11 pm NST

TNT have updated the Legends and Letters Instagram page with more details of the Codex Quest event that will be starting tomorrow.

The prizes for this event will be loot in both Legends and Letters itself and the main Neopets site, so it is worth participating even if you aren't vastly interested in Legends and Letters itself. In order to participate, you will need an Instagram account, and have created an account within the Legends and Letters game.

Starting tomorrow, they will be posting a series of three clues pointing towards a specific hero within Legends and Letters. You will have 48 hours to enter the contest.

You must:

- Follow the @neopetslegends account on Instagram
- Like the clue image(s)
- Comment on the post(s) with the correct answer to the puzzle (the name of a hero)
- Direct Message @neopetslegends with your Legends and Letters username and your main Neopets site username. You must include both to be eligible for prizes. Although there will be multiple quests, you only have to send this Direct Message once.

They will be picking 3 winners to get 1,500 Gems in the Legends and Letters app, and a prize code for the main Neopets site, but it is heavily implied there will be additional prizes on Legends and Letters for entering itself. The announcement post contains a preview of some new wearables, it is unclear if this is the reward from the prize code given to the 3 winners or an additional participation reward:

UPDATE: The Legends and Letters Instagram story has been updated to indicate that the wearable prizes displayed above will be participation prizes, meaning anyone who enters will receive them!

  • Background = any day
  • Hat = Day 1
  • Shirt = Day 2
  • Trousers = Day 3

It is still unknown on whether these items will be wearables used in Legends and Letters, or if they will be items available on Neopets.com. (Legends and Letters has its own separate "wearable" system.)
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Premium Sale Ending Soon
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on September 28, 2019, 2:23 pm NST

The annual Premium sale is ending on Tuesday, October 1st at 12 noon NST. The yearly membership rate of $69.95 is on sale for $49.95, a savings of $20 off for the year. This is your last chance to sign up for the discounted yearly rate or apply the discounted rate to your next yearly renewal payment.

New Premium Members
To receive the promotional rate, visit the Membership page and select the yearly plan. (You'll need to purchase the full yearly plan—the 4 and 1 month options are not discounted.)

Existing Premium Members
Renewal not coming up for awhile? Never fear! You can lock in this promotional rate for the next time your plan renews. Even if your plan renews in 6 months, you can apply the sale to that upcoming renewal date.

To lock in the sale:
  1. Visit the Manage Membership page. (You'll likely need to log in.)
  2. Click the "Upgrade Plan" button.
  3. Click the 1 Year plan option. You should see it discounted to $49.95.
  4. Click "Confirm Upgrade" to complete the lock in. On the confirmation page, you'll see "Next Billing Date: [your billing date] (You will be charged $49.95 on this date)"

That's it, you're upgraded and locked in! Even if your Premium renews 6 months from now, you will receive the sale price.

(Did you previously cancel your membership, but there's still pre-paid time before it cuts you off? If so, you won't see "Upgrade Plan" on the Manage Membership page. Instead, there will be a "Keep Membership" button since you must re-activate before receiving the sale price. Click "Keep Membership", confirm that you wish to restart your subscription at the old price, and then you should see the "Upgrade Plan" button which you should click to lock in the sale. See above for instructions.)

Not a Premium member yet, but wondering what you get? Check out our Premium guide for more info.
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Costume Contest: Entries Now Open!
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on September 27, 2019, 11:53 am NST

Happy almost October! Jellyneo's Thirteenth Annual Halloween Costume Contest is now open for entries! You have until October 7th at 11:59PM NST to submit your pet dressed up for Halloween.

Just like last year, we will be accepting as many entries as we can for round one of voting. (Barring any rules violations of course, and we also won't be accepting 50 vampires, so be creative!) 75 of the top rated pets from round one will move on to round two, and from there the top 30 will compete for a gold trophy.

For a full list of rules and dates, please see our Costume Contest '19 page. And then start dressing up your pet! (There are no rule changes since last year.)

As a warning to everyone planning on submitting: like we said above, we will only be accepting, at the most, 1-2 variations of a particular costume. In other words, only about 1-2 vampires, only 1-2 Ednas, etc. So if you'd like a better chance of getting in, make a unique, but still recognizable, costume!

(Before submitting, be sure to check out the rules!)
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Skeith Day Roundup
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on September 25, 2019, 9:31 am NST

It's finally the day: Skeith Day, that is! Below are the new colours and outfit for Skeiths.

Relic | Candy

Skeiths are also getting a new jester themed outfit:

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New Mystery Capsules
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on September 24, 2019, 1:25 pm NST

Two new Mystery Capsules have been released. The first is a regular autumn-themed capsule:

It can award the following items:

The LE items are:

The second is an autumn-themed re-release capsule:

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