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Site Redesign: Inventory Moves to Beta
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on September 24, 2020, 6:39 pm NST

An update to the Neopets site redesign has gone live! You can read the full Release Notes, but here's an overview:

1) The inventory page joins the beta.
Your item inventory page is now available in beta. It includes a new tabbed view to allow you to filter your inventory by item type. The release notes also claim that sorting options are available, but we don't see them as of writing.

If you have more than one of a certain item in your inventory, those will now "stack" and show a bubble with how many you have. (Similar to how trophies "stack" on your userlookup with a x2 multiplier.)

When clicking on item in your inventory, a dialog box pops up, similar to before:

One very nice change here is that this item info window does not open a new window, which will be convenient for mobile users and desktop users won't have to worry about losing the pop-up among different windows.

Unfortunately, using an item still requires a page refresh, but perhaps that will be done away with down the road:

We know you’d prefer not to deal with a full page refresh to update your inventory every time you’ve used an item. Unfortunately, we just couldn’t make that happen right now. As with all features, we’ll be looking at your feedback to make any further adjustments down the line.

The next release of the site redesign is slated to include the Neopian Bank, and in the process TNT plans on making withdrawal limits more clear, along with adding support for non-binary gender options.

UPDATE, 9/25: One member of TNT was doing some informal Q&A yesterday evening, and a few interesting questions were answered about the site redesign.

On user lookups (and presumably this might apply to pet lookups, shop layouts, and galleries as well—but maybe not petpages):

Minimally we'll be keeping the sections of user lookups modular and applying a mobile-responsive grid by default. We have not explored much beyond that. Many existing user lookup styles may break, but it'll give you a chance to explore new CSS3 friendly options while rebuilding them.

On the new site redesign's navigational elements:

There are several areas of the navigation, including dropdowns and an update to the profile menu, that have been designed but not yet implemented that address many of these concerns with pages formerly in the quick links.

On the Flash conversion process:

I've seen some confusion about resource allocation when it comes to the Flash parts of the site as the end of the year draws near, so I wanted to pop in to clarify. The people converting Flash games are not the same people converting maps. The timelines for these are not related/linked. Even if not every single map is ready by the end of the year, we will have a quick links system in place to ensure that you'll be able to visit all the lands and locations in Neopia.
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Gutterfoot AMA
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on September 24, 2020, 5:24 am NST

TNT member Gutterfoot has appeared for a quick "AMA" session on the r/neopets Reddit Discord.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As neither the Neopets Reddit community nor the Discord server related to it are approved fansites, be sure to be careful how you discuss the origins of these questions and answers on the Neopets site.

NC Mall

On NC Cards coming to Mexico:

i know zero about that. :c i did hear that there had been a problem before and there was a shortage, but i believe our execs were fixing it? can't be positive though as that's outside my control!

On if the Dyeworks items from the new JubJub Power Bounce Retired Mystery Capsule will be replaced with the originals:

hmm i'm not sure, i can ask jade about that though!

Site issues

On the Petpetpet Random Event:

i'll check on the petpet RE! not sure why it's gone but i'll ask the teammmmm

On Battledome issues:

no one working on battledome YET but it's on our list for features that we want to do major revamps to

On a Pound release fix:

i'm not sure about the pound :C

On reactivating the Tooth Faerie avatar:

i'll ask about tooth faerie!

On the Almost Abandoned Attic:

i did not ask yet about the AAA, but it's on my list of "why did this go away and what will it take to bring it back"
sadly it's a ... long list


On more pet slots:

the team really wants to add new pet slots, really! we're trying to figure out exactly what it will take but it's on our list
pets pets pets everywhere

On combating autobuyers:

yeah, we definitely are trying to make plans to improve security. i'm not entirely sure about how that factors into restocking to be completely honest, but we are looking for a full stack lead developer who will help us out a lot with just... improving the old frameworks and architecture and stuff i'm not SUPER familiar with haha

On naming the Soup Faerie:

honestly i think we should have some kinda contest to name all the unnamed NPCs...
there's TOO MANY

On if TNT has intentions of adding closed captions to the videos on their youtube channel:

that's a great idea re: closed captions. i'll mention it to the marketing team for sure
the videos are so short that i'm sure it won't be a problem

On drawtober:

drawtober is an AMAZING idea and i will throw it at the marketing team

On the Support staff and ticket help consistency:

the customer support team is actually in the middle of overhauling their system so yes, hoping for an improvement there!!


On being excited about things in her work:

i'm working on some fun mockups for a mobile redesign page. can't really say what, but it's been enjoyable haha

On her fave and least fave pet species:

my favorite would def be the cybunny... least favorite... lenny?? :grimacing: i feel bad picking a least fav
rip lenny... they're just birds... i mean...

On the Mutant Vandagyre design:

mutant vanda... is a tough subject guys
i can't say anything more...

On site events vs HTML5 transition for the rest of 2020:

no plot or battle events planned sadly :C hopefully in 2021!
we also wanna make sure the plot is up to standards.. i saw a plot we almost released last year and it was not a good luck my friends
look... i'm tired whoops

Gutterfoot - the human

On having a fried brain:

same i feel you
i'm also in night school... on top of everything haha
have a break until october first though!

On sleeping:
i actually had insomnia for this past week
had to buy some melatonin

On pronouns:

thanks for asking c:

On participating in NaNoWriMo:

yes!! i am! it'll be my first nanowrimo, gonna be doing either a screenplay or a webcomic
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Neopets: Island Builders Android Update
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on September 24, 2020, 5:23 am NST

A couple of days ago another new update for the Open Beta on Android in Island Builders was launched. iOS remains on the old version in Closed Beta.

As with the last patch, there are only some minor fixes - you will find some previously broken Happiness Stretch Goals are now working.

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JubJub Power Bounce Re-Release Capsule
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on September 23, 2020, 1:05 pm NST

A new re-release mystery capsule has debuted in the NC Mall! This capsule includes items from the long retired JubJub Power Bounce game:

To see what's inside, check out our Mystery Capsule guide!

(And if you open any of these capsules, let us know if you receive a prize not listed on our guide!)
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Charity Corner Capsule Buffs Not Coming
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on September 22, 2020, 3:30 pm NST

Last week, TNT was considering feedback to buff the drop rates for the Charity Corner item capsules (in other words, improving the chances of higher rarity items). A final decision has been reached, and the capsule rates will not be adjusted:

hi all. so i talked to the team yesterday about adjusting the odds of the CC capsules and it was ultimately decided that we wouldn't be making any more changes to this year's charity corner and instead taking what we've learned with this event and applying it to future events.

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