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18 teams representing 18 different Neopian lands go toe-to-toe in Altador Stadium, but only one can emerge victorious. Who will take home the highly coveted Altador Cup trophy this year? Hopefully, it's the team you're rooting for!

Go Rooligans!

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How to Play

During each 3 minute game of Yooyuball, both teams will try to score points by slinging Yooyus into the opposing team's goal. After the referee blows his whistle, the team that has scored the most points wins! You will always play as the team you chose at the beginning of the Altador Cup, and the opposing team will always be controlled by the computer.

Match-ups occur between teams that are within the same bracket, and the brackets change after a week of play. You can see what teams are in which brackets here.

Basic Controls

Players will automatically pick up Yooyus and power-ups when they walk across them. Press the space bar to shoot the ball. The longer you keep the key pressed, the stronger the throw. The space bar is also used to dash when your player is not in possession of the ball, which allows you to steal from other players. You may only dash if you are near the ball.

When the action is close to your goalie, you can control them by pressing the V key. If your players are getting too bunched together or too spread out, you can force them to return to their default starting positions by pressing shift.

The modern version of Yooyuball originally only had keyboard controls, but mouse support was later brought back by popular demand. The game will automatically switch between the two when you press the arrow keys or click on the game screen with the mouse. Using the mouse still requires you to use the keyboard for some functions. Refer to the table below for details.

Action Key
Movement Arrow Keys
Dash Spacebar
Shoot Hold Spacebar (Charge)
Release Spacebar (Shoot)
Shift Reset Formation
V Control Goalie
Action Key
Movement Automatic
Dash Left Click
Shoot Hold Click (Charge)
Release Click (Shoot)
Shift Reset Formation
V Control Goalie


Before each match, you must choose which side of the field you'd like your team's goal to be on as well as their formation. There are three different formations a team may have, 3:1, 2:2, or 1:3. Each team has a default formation that they will always choose when controlled by the computer, except for the practice team, which will be random. The formation that works best for you comes down to personal preference, so try them all!

I always use 2:2, personally.


There are seven different Yooyus that may appear during a match. Each one has different attributes and effects.

Types of Yooyus
Yooyu Effect Yooyu Effect

Normal Yooyu
Travels in the direction thrown at a moderate speed.
Snow Yooyu
Travels in the direction thrown at a slower speed.

Clockwork Yooyu
Travels in the direction thrown a slower speed, but will explode in 7-10 seconds.
Fire Yooyu
Travels in the direction thrown at a faster speed.

Faerie Yooyu
Travels in a slight curve left or right of the direction thrown at a moderate speed.
Mutant Yooyu
Behaves like a different Yooyu each time it is thrown at a moderate speed.

Darigan Yooyu
Travels in a random direction when thrown at a moderate speed.


Randomly during the game, power-ups may appear on the field. Only you, the player, can pick them up. The effect of each lasts about 15 seconds, or until a goal has been scored.

Power-Up Effect

Increases the speed of your team members.

Goal Enlarger
Expands the opponent's goal to a larger size.

Enhances your team's throwing power and increases their size.

Freezes all of your opponents. They can still catch the ball if it is thrown to them.

Quick Tips

  • Playing multiple games of Yooyuball simultaneously in different tabs is considered cheating and is not allowed!
  • After each goal, 8 seconds will be shaved off of the game time. More goals means shorter games!
  • The opposing team will become more aggressive over time, so save the power-ups on the field until you need them. Fun fact, though, as they become more aggressive, they'll become better at stealing. Oddly, if you just throw the ball at minimum power and chase after it, they will often become confused and go off in a random direction. This prevents the constant stealing.
  • Allow the opposing team to grab the Yooyu first; you can easily steal the ball from them and make your way to the goal.
  • To score with the Faerie Yooyu, charge up your shot and aim for the middle of the opponent's goal. The Yooyu should curve into the net!
  • The Darigan Yooyu is very difficult to score with. If you keep it near the opponent's goal, it should eventually be thrown in - by either you or your opponent!
  • When you throw a Mutant Yooyu for the first time, if you charge up your throw, it will usually shoot straight.
  • The maximum number of scores you can send per day is 46 games. All scores sent after hitting the maximum will not count towards your point totals.

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