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And now, ladies and gentlemen, the main event, the field of battle, the game in which the Cup is won and lost, the spectacle of the Altador Colosseum: YOOYUBALL!!!

Yooyuball is the official sport of the Altador Cup, and it works rather a lot like football (soccer). There are five players on each side, including one goalie, and the team members pass the ball among each other as they make their way to the opposing goal and attempt to score. What makes Yooyuball interesting is the fact that the ball... isn't really a ball. It's a petpet! And as such, it has a personality of its own and is often known as the ninth (or eleventh, including the goalies) player on the field.

There are several different types of Yooyu that play the game, and each type works differently. Don't worry about them yet--you'll hear all about them later in the guide.

Fun fact: the Fire Yooyu was chosen as the mascot for the Cup and Yooyuball for its speed and its flexibility--it forms almost a perfect ball when it curls up for play!


Your players are controlled by the arrow keys, from your point of view. (That is, up is up, not forward.) To pick anything up, such as the ball or powerups, simply run over it. Please note that usually you have to be facing the ball head-on to actually pick it up, though. Occasionally, other members of your team may run over a powerup and activate it for you.

Your active player is always the one carrying the ball. If the other team has possession, then the game will auto-select your active player as the one closest to the Yooyu. This can be very difficult to get used to, as the player you are moving may change very suddenly. My advice is largely to continue controlling the player you intended--either the new player is moving in the same direction, or they're moving opposite and the game will switch back to the player you had after half a second.

To pass the ball to one of your teammates or to shoot a goal, simply press the spacebar. To add some extra power to your shoot, hold down the spacebar as you run. You'll see a power meter pop up near your player. Simply release the spacebar to complete the shot.

Press and hold the spacebar and aim diagonally...we suggest up.

You also use the spacebar to make a tackle. That is, if you want to take possession of the ball, simply press the spacebar as you run over the opposing player with the ball. Of course, you can also intercept the ball while it's on the ground.

You may notice a flag with the letter V in it - that simply means you are in range of your goalie, and that you may press the V key to toggle control of your goalie.

The last control you'll want to know about is the SHIFT key. When your teammates are vexing you by following you around and throwing off your controls, or when you need them to fall back to defend, you can press SHIFT to send them all back to their starting positions.


There are seven different Yooyus, and each behaves differently from the rest. After no time at all you'll start to develop favorites and archenemies among the troop of petpets used for each game. The table below will give you an idea of the way each Yooyu behaves:

Yooyu Type Image Behaviour
Normal Yooyu Regular Yooyu Travels in a straight line at a moderate speed in the direction you are facing.
Fire Yooyu Fire Yooyu Also travels in a straight line, but at a much faster speed. In addition, the flames on the Yooyu will become unbearable for your player after a few seconds, and he or she will drop the Yooyu, shooting it off in whatever direction you were facing.
Snow Yooyu Snow Yooyu Like the fire Yooyu, except the reverse: this one moves much slower than the normal Yooyu. And, thankfully, you won't drop this one unexpectedly.
Faerie Yooyu Faerie Yooyu Curves in a shallow arc away from the horizontal, to either direction. To shoot the faerie Yooyu, basically stand right in front of the goalie, but with a little space between and shoot forward. The Yooyu should curve away from the goalie into a corner of the goal.
Darigan Yooyu Darigan Yooyu Travels in a straight line at the speed of a normal Yooyu. Great, right? Hah. It moves at seemingly random angles that seem to change with every new day of play. It's almost better to walk it to your goal and score on yourself so you don't waste time messing with it.
Clockwork Yooyu Clockwork Yooyu Acts just like a snow Yooyu, but will explode after a random small number of seconds if you don't score. (It'll glow red as a warning for a couple seconds.)
Mutant Yooyu Mutant Yooyu The wildcard of the bunch. This Yooyu can act like any of the above, and it'll switch on you in the middle of a play. So, if you shoot it once, and it acts like a Faerie, don't expect it to stay Faerie the whole rest of the play. It may or may not. Mwahahahaha!


There are four powerups introduced in this new version of Yooyuball. They are very useful indeed! These powerups will last for approximately 15 seconds or until the play ends, whichever comes first.

Speed Boost Gives your team a speed boost. This is particularly useful for evading your opponent's defenders.
Goal Expansion This powerup makes your opponent's goal rather enormous indeed, allowing you plenty of room to make your shot.
Enlargement This lovely powerup makes all the members of your team grow to about three times their normal size. This makes scoring, avoiding tackles, and defending your goal much easier.
Freeze Opponent Turns your opponents team into five blocks of ice. Be careful: if the goalie is toward the middle of the goal, it'll actually be near-impossible to get the ball into the goal.


You may be wondering how on earth you're ever supposed to be able to play this game, particularly if you're an AC devotee who's played every year and perfected the art of the old version of the game. Well, here are some tips to help you learn this strange new version, for newcomers and AC veterans alike:

  • Firstly--and this is immensely important--if you have ever played the old Yooyuball before, don't treat this as an update. Technically, it is an updated version, but the gameplay style is completely new, and you'll shoot yourself in the foot for learning it if you assume you can build on what you knew before.
  • The SHIFT key is your new best friend. Hold it down when you're on your opponent's side of the field (and only there...usually it makes things worse on your end of the field). It keeps your players from following you around and throwing you off by changing who's selected at any given time.
  • When you start each play, amble up to right in front of the Yooyu, but don't actually pick it up. Let your opponent's player pick up the ball, then immediately tackle (by pressing the spacebar) to gain control of the ball. You'll then be less likely to run into the other team's players, and you'll have a straight shot at the goal.
  • As you run, hold down the spacebar for shot power--this will help you get past the goalie, especially with the slower Yooyus like snow.
  • You can actually score on yourself, so watch what direction your goalie is facing when you try to send off the ball.
  • Furthermore, the opposing team can steal from your goalie, and quite easily at that, so ensure that you pass the ball as soon as your goalie has possession.
  • Make sure you give the ball some power when your goalie is throwing it back onto the field. Otherwise, it'll just wind up right next to you and you'll most likely be scored on.
  • Sometimes if you're having trouble with the Darigan yooyu, it's easier to simply pass it to your opponents. They'll often score on themselves.
  • After you've made about 13 goals, the opposing team will speed up. Speed Boost powerups are extremely helpful when this happens, but here's a strategy to keep control of the ball: wander off to the left or right of the goal to lure your opponents to you, then dodge around them just before they can steal the ball and head for the goal.

Other Tips

There are a few additional tips and tricks that we have up our sleeve.

  • You can skip transition screens (the little animations after a goal is scored and when a new Yooyu is placed on the field) by pressing any key. Although, you do have to wait until the little message saying you should press any key to continue.
  • Scoring a goal will shave off 8 seconds from the clock, which will shorten your game!
  • Don't forget to play Slushie Slinger, Make Some Noise, and Shootout Showdown as well to ensure your team is in the running for a win in all four contests!

Good luck and may the best team win!

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