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Neopets YMVironment

This guide is old! The Neopets Yahoo YMVironment was a feature for Yahoo Messenger in its old form. It is no longer available since Yahoo Messenger has since been updated.

The Neopets Yahoo YMVironment was available starting August 10, 2004 and was taken down later. The last time I personally used it was... December of 2004. :P Although now unusable, here's a list of the codes that users of Yahoo's Instant Messaging Program were able to use!

Type-able Codes
FeatherPteri Glides Across Screen
GrarrlGrarrl Walks Across IM Screen
Green OR FallLeaves Fall Down...
Hasee OR PetpetA Hasee Jumps
Hiya OR CyaIsland Grundo Pops Up and Waves
Mynci OR Vine OR SwingMynci Swings Across Screen
NP OR Neopoints OR Money OR Cash Neopoints Rain Down
Purple OR DoughnutfruitOther Hasee Jumps
Sloth OR Transmogrification OR MutantYou See and Hear Sloth's Laughter and Eyes
Tura-KepekIsland Mystic Pops Up
Volcano OR Erupt OR Moltenore OR Buzz SomeoneThe Volcano ERUPTS

Random Events
Flotsam Jumps Out of the Water
Island Jubjub Kicks a Ball
Island Pets Walk Across Screen
One Hasee Bounces Up

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