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Word Pyramid

Word Pyramid Information
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Your Lost Desert expedition ended in disaster. Trapped inside one of the ancient buildings in the middle of nowhere, you were forced to frantically rearrange stone tiles to find the way out while hot sand flooded the chamber around you. At last you reached daylight and fresh air again, and made it back to your friends and loved ones. What are you going to do now? Why, invent a diverting puzzle game based on your terrifying experiences, of course!

Word Pyramid is a challenging word puzzle where no two games will ever be exactly the same. If you are good with words and have an eye for patterns, you might do well at this triangular treat of a Flash game.

Yay, pyramids!


In Word Pyramid you are faced with a collection of triangular tiles marked with letters of the alphabet. Your task is to form words by clicking on these tiles in order. The tiles you choose must be touching each other in order to be added to the word-- no use trying to type FOLD if only the F, O and L are touching and the D is on the other side of the screen!

Spelling words with letter tiles

The word you enter will be spelt out on the right-hand side of the screen; when it's complete, click the "Go" button to submit. If you correctly complete a word, Amarna will rub his hands in excitement, the word will be removed from the board and you will score game points! Using consonants will earn you more points than vowels, and of course, the longer the word, the higher your score.

More tiles will constantly fall down from the ceiling to give you extra letters to choose from. However, if you find yourself completely stuck and in need of a vowel to complete your next word, you can buy a vowel from the panel on the right. Click on the letter you want (A, E, I, O or U) and it will be added to the current word, and a small amount of points will be deducted from your score. At the start of the game, each vowel costs 10 score points. Be sparing when buying vowels, though, because every time you purchase one, the cost goes up! Also, be sure you can spell the word correctly before you buy a vowel tile. If you have to clear the word and start again, the vowel you bought will vanish and you'll have to buy another.

Buying a vowel
Say cheese!

Blank tiles allow you to "buy" a vowel for free. Click on one and you will be given the choice of what vowel you want to appear on it. Choose carefully-- once there is a letter on the tile, it cannot be removed even if you reset the word.

Just to add to the challenge, you also have to play against the clock! The bar in the top-right corner will gradually count down your remaining time. The good news is that extra time will be added for every word you complete. The amount of time added to the clock depends on the length of the word: "in" will barely buy you any time, while "insured" will get you considerably more. If you run out of time, it's game over.

Game Tips

Typing thelostdesert restarts the timer. (Thanks to shawnziv and many other Neopians for letting us know!)

When making words, remember that new tiles only have to be touching one of the previous letters in the word. If you were trying to spell SPY, for instance, the tile marked P would have to be touching the S, but the Y could touch either the S or the P to qualify. It's also a good idea to remember that words are not allowed to be longer than eight letters, although they can be as short as you like.

Desert Tuskaninny
No Tuskaninnies allowed... or anything else over eight characters. :(

The game will mostly recognise ordinary dictionary words (not proper nouns like "John", "Kass" or "Viacom", not acronyms or abbreviations like "Neodaq" or "USA", and not foreign loan words like "tikka masala"). It also awards bonus points for spelling certain "Neopian words", mostly the names of Neopet and Petpet species, plus some items such as "Negg". (However, for some reason the names of locations, like "Pound" just count as normal words.) Unfortunately, the game's dictionary is not very thorough and will sometimes reject perfectly correct words (at the time of writing, it even fails to recognise "Ruki"). If you're trying for a high score, you might want to keep a list of rejected words so you don't keep trying the same ones over and over.

Good luck and have fun!

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