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Wheel of Misfortune

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Have you visited the Wheel of Mediocrity and received some Neopoints? We are trying to determine how many Neopoints you win if you land on spot 7. If you have obtained a prize from the wheel recently, or plan to...

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You can find this wheel in the Deserted Fairground.

This wheel costs 150 NP to spin!

You can spin this wheel once every two hours.

The Wheel of Misfortune!

Wheel of Misfortune Prizes
Space Awarded Prize
1 Your pet comes down with a disease.
2 A random gift (see below).
3 A random spooky petpet.
4 You lose some Neopoints (it is possible to end up with negative Neopoints afterwards!).
5 An item in your inventory is turned into a Pile of Sludge. Note: With the inventory overhaul this appears to be glitched and you may not lose any item.
6 Your pet will "forget" a book, so you'll have to read it to them again in order for it to show up on your pet's "Books Read" list.
7 You win some Neopoints.
8 The Pant Devil steals an item from your inventory!

Using Boons

Certain factions give the opportunity of activating the Right Round Round Round boon if you side with them and they emerge victorious from the Battleground of the Obelisk. When selected, this boon allows you to spin the wheel twice before the usual waiting period comes into effect. You have to refresh the page after your first spin before you can spin again.

Wheel of Misfortune Avatar
Wheel of MisfortuneWheel of Misfortune
Random when landing on any spot on the Wheel of Misfortune. There is no message informing you that you have received the avatar, so check your Neoboard preferences.
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