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Wheel of Monotony

Wheel of Monotony Information
Click to play Wheel of Monotony! World:
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Neopoint Ratio:
1.00 Points =
1 NP
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This wheel costs 150 NP to spin!

You can spin this wheel once per day.

The Wheel of Monotony, scenically located on the Tyrannian Plateau, is universally agreed to be one of the most tedious games TNT has ever produced. If you have ever spun this wheel, then you are most likely aware of the hours it takes for it to stop spinning and finally award you a prize. Yes, quite literally hours. There is no guarantee of exactly how long the wheel will spin - it varies each time. The end result could be worth it, though, so step right up and try your luck! Don't forget to bring some comfy pillows in case you want to take a nap during the wait! ;)

You can still browse and play games and chat on Neopets while you wait for the wheel to finish spinning, as long as it is on a different tab or window.

Fun Fact: It used to be that when the Quiggle to the side looks at his watch, you were halfway to the end! However, the Wheel has been a bit glitchy and this may not always be the case.

The Wheel of Monotony!

Wheel of Monotony Prizes
Space Awarded Prize
1 A visit to the volcano.
2 A regular codestone.
(Most likely Bri or Main.)
3 A random Tyrannian weapon.
4 Wheel of Monotony avatar.
5 Tyrannian Petpet Paint Brush.
6 A ticket for The Neopian Lottery.
7 Your active pet loses half their health.
8 Tyrannian Paint Brush.
9 You win 5,000 NP!
10 A Tyrannian food item.
(Most likely Evil Blancmange, Honey Blossom, or Raptraphant Leg.)
11 A random Monotony item (see below).
12 One of your pets' abilities is raised by one level.
Note that this seems to have no effect since the battledome/abilities revamp.
13 A red codestone.
(Most likely Mag or Sho.)
14 A visit to the Lair of the Beast, and potentially taking all but 1 HP from your active pet.
15 A Tyrannian Petpet.
(Most likely a Mazzew.)
16 You win 20,000 NP!

Using Boons

Certain factions give the opportunity of activating the Right Round Round Round boon if you side with them and they emerge victorious from the Battleground of the Obelisk. When selected, this boon allows you to spin the wheel twice before the usual waiting period comes into effect. You have to refresh the page after your first spin before you can spin again.

Wheel of Monotony Avatar
Wheel of MonotonyWheel of Monotony
Land on the "?" space on the Wheel of Monotony.

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