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Altador Cup XI
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JN Wishlist Errors & How To Fix Them

Please be aware that since the transition to Jumpstart, filters on petpages have been extremely sensitive. Until TNT announces an update to their filters, we will not be editing this page flagging the hundreds of new items causing issue.

In the meantime, we suggest just linking directly to your public wishlist on Jellyneo since links to JN are allowed across Neopets. :)

The following items trigger the filters on petpages. This is not something JN has complete control over, because it's related to the official names/images given by Neopets.

Glitchy Items - Item Names

To fix, put an extra character at the end of the item name (e.g., a period, an exclamation mark, etc.). If your code has alt="[item name]", change it there as well. The underscore will show up, but at least it won't break the page.

Please note: For item names that contain the word "kiss" you'll either need to remove the name completely, merge it with the next word (eg: kissthe), or drop a letter to spell kis or iss.

Abominable Snowball Winter Onesie_

Baby Tuxedo Onesie_

Berry Onigiri_

Chain of Onions_

Chocolate Covered Onion_

Hot Dog with Onions_

Icy Onigiri_

Jacket Potato with Onions_

Jelly Onion_

Oppressor Onions_

Organic Red Onion_

Organic Spring Onion_

Pickled Onion_

Pickled Onions_

Rotten Onion_

Snotty Vira Onion_

Sobbing Onion_

Spring Onion_

Kiss on the Cheek Facepaint

Kiss the Mortog (TCG)

Glitchy Items - Item Images

For these items, the image URLs from the filename on the Neopets servers don't work in NeoHTML.

We're hosting copies of these images on the Jellyneo servers, whose URLs do work! Just replace the links to the glitched images with the URL link to the image below.

Finding the image URL is easy: right-click the image with your mouse and select the appropriate command. It should be something like Properties, Copy Image Location, or Copy Image URL:

For example, the code for Apple Orchard Foreground used to be: <img src="" class="jnItemImg">

You would replace the link to the link found below, so it becomes <img src="" class="jnItemImg">

You must ensure precedes any image you use on your petpage, otherwise it will not display correctly!

Note: For Camouflage Kougra Expressions, if your code says alt="Camouflage Kougra Expressions", remove that part.

You may come across an error which states the term 'kik' has been blocked. This typically occurs with Kiko Lake items that use kik as a prefix to the image URL. TNT go through phases of blocking or allowing this term -- so unfortunately the only workaround is to either remove the offending item(s) from your wishlist, or upload the images elsewhere.

Apple Orchard Foreground

Apple Tree

Apple Tree Broccoli

Baseball Practice Set

Birthday Bounce House Background

Camouflage Kougra Expressions

Colourful Snowy Window

Faerie Apple Pie

Fanatics Museum Collectors Corner Flashback Pass

Fancy Diamond Drop Earrings

Haunted Window Wings


Kiwi Sorbet

Kookith Cookies

Lost Desert Palace View Background

Moon Cut Vase

NC Mall 2nd Birthday Gift Mystery Capsule

Ornate Frosted Window Foreground

Pineapple Tarts

Rainbow Portal Window

Rain on a Window Foreground

Shiny Ultimate Bullseye II Quiver

Spooky Apple Tree Foreground

Stained Glass Symol Window

Stained Glass Window Background

Steamed Window

The Biographies of Mostly Important Neopians

The Magic Apple Tree

Undead Apple Tree Foreground

White Arched Window

Wooden Bay Window

Glitchy Items - Alt Text

Note: If you generate petpage coding on your wishlist now, you will find we have removed the alt="..." and border="..." part entirely for every one of your items, which means you don't have to do any work anymore for these items to display.

Refreshing Blue Potpourri

Refreshing Kyrii Fountain

Refreshing Oasis Water

Refreshing Peophin Burger

Glitchy Items - Attack of the Giant Images

Note: If you generate petpage coding on your wishlist now, you will find that we have done some work for you, with some rather nifty CSS code that specifies width, height, and border for each item image. They should no longer stretch the page. Enjoy! :)

Altador Frame

Gigantic Pink Hair Bow

Gnorbu Ring Master Trousers
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