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Wise Old King

Wise Old King Information
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King Hagan's Judgements
Grade Spacing Junk Reward More Spacing Junk
A+ You profound genius you! As a reward for your intellect you will receive a rare item, some Neopoints and you may also randomly be awarded an avatar. Mage Spells
B Ah, you're smart! But you could still use some studying. For this grade King Hagan gives you one of the following books: Brightvale Castle, Brightvale Maps, Cartography For Beginners, Keeping the Peace, or King Hagan. Brightvale Maps
I Already Knew That! He's not dense, youngin'. He already knew that! Okay so maybe you don't get a grade, but he may still give you a few neopoints just for the effort. He's nice like that... sometimes. Bag of Broken Neopoints
F- Crikey, and I thought Skarl had a bad temper! Okay so maybe just saying "angelpuss" was a bad idea. Oh well, better luck tomorrow. :) Sad Skeith


Occasionally you will catch Hagan in a good mood (yes it does happen), and he will give you a "x10 bonus" because he's feeling nice. In these cases you can get a few hundred Neopoints out of him, so it's not all bad. (Thanks to Anne for reminding us about that).

Out Studying

Empty Throne

There are certain times during the day when you won't be able to bother enlighten King Hagan. Every day between the hours of 8-9AM NST, 1-2PM NST and 7-8PM NST he will be off in his library studying. If you try to visit him during those times you will find an empty throne with a sign on it; just pop back during the next hour and you can try then instead.

The Avatar

Impressing the Wise Old King may take you a while, but it's worth it to get your hands on the snazzy avatar. Sadly there aren't any tips or tricks to boosting the grade he awards you, it is entirely random and has nothing to do with what you actually choose to say to him.

Skeith - King Hagan

Skeith - King Hagan

Get a grade of A+ from King Hagan after you give him a piece of wisdom.

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