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Wheel of Excitement

Wheel of Excitement Information
Click to play Wheel of Excitement! World:
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Neopoint Ratio:
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1 NP
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This delightful wheel in the heart of Faerieland costs 500 NP to spin!

You can spin this wheel once every 2 hours.

The Wheel of Excitement!

Wheel of Excitement Prizes
Space Awarded Prize
1 All your pets lose half their health.
2 Your pets are healed.
3 You win 2,500 NP!
4 You win 500 NP!
5 All your pets will lose some Hit Points.
6 A random magic item (including bottled faeries, morphing potions).
7 You win 1,000 NP!
8 Nothing happens. (Previously, this would lower an old-style ability by one level.)
9 Your active pet comes down with a disease (Chickaroo).
10 A mystery amount of Neopoints (between 100 - 350 NP).
11 You win 5,000 NP!
12 "Something mysterious happens to you and your pets... you are not sure what it is, however..."
(Does nothing.)
13 The Pant Devil steals something from your inventory. Note: This space has been glitched since inventories were overhauled. You will not lose any items.
14 You win 400 NP!
15 You win 20,000 NP and an avatar!
16 Nothing happens. (Previously, this would raise an old-style ability by one level.)

Premium Users

When the wheel lands on Space 2 ("Your pets are healed.") your fifth pet will not be included & will stay at the number of hit points it had before the spin. It is as of yet unknown as to whether the fifth pet is affected negatively by landing on Spaces 1 & 5.

Using Boons

Certain factions give the opportunity of activating the Right Round Round Round boon if you side with them and they emerge victorious from the Battleground of the Obelisk. When selected, this boon allows you to spin the wheel twice before the usual waiting period comes into effect. You have to refresh the page after your first spin before you can spin again.

Wheel of Excitement

Wheel of Excitement / Guide / Fonts

Land on the "20,000 NP" space on the Wheel of Excitement.

Released: August 25, 2003

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