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Weltrude's Toy Chest

As of June 21, 2016, Weltrude's Toy Chest has been taken off the site. We are unsure if it's intended to return or not.

To coincide with the release of Petpet Park, a new daily was released on the main Neopets site. You can now visit Weltrude's Toy Chest once each day to be rewarded with a random item or a nice amount of Neopoints, both of which are intended for use on the original Neopets site so you don't need a Petpet Park account to enjoy them!

The item that Weltrude gives you each day is randomly selected from a pool of potential prizes; this pool seems to be updated every now and then, with older items being given out less often or being replaced completely by newer ones. The amount of Neopoints you can receive varies from about 500 NP to 2000 NP, though the average is approximately 1250 NP. Occasionally, the Pant Devil will make off with your prize before you can even see what it is. If this happens you'll just have to try again tomorrow. :(

Here is a list of all the items that have been made available through the Toy Chest so far. If you receive an item not listed here then please let us know.

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