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War Booty

With the Wraith Resurgence plot commencing, there's a bit of booty to collect! A familiar Yurble has set up shop with new chests opening once a day.

The event is running from November 17, 2017, with new chests every day through December 6, 2017. The last day to open chests is December 10th.

War Booty Chest Packs

War Booty Chest Packs are on sale in the NC Mall. Packs can be activated by visiting your inventory, clicking on the chest, and activating it via the item action dropdown.

You may only open each chest once, so any packs activated past 20 will be forfeited.

How to Play

Once you have activated your packs, click on the corresponding chest you wish to open on the Booty page. By clicking on a chest, you'll be asked to confirm opening it, and then you will receive that day's prize.


Below are the daily prizes:

Booty Prizes
November 17

Cursed Ballroom Background
November 18

Dark Rolling Clouds
November 19

Kaia Wig
November 20

Kaia Dress
November 21

Kaia Wings
November 22

Battle Armour Top
November 23

Flower House Background
November 24

Faerie Gloves
November 25

Armoured Bodice Dress
November 26

Wraith Fog
November 27

Flame Torch
November 28

War Paint
November 29

Faerie Bow and Arrow
November 30

Spiked Throne
December 1

Short White Wig
December 2

Chain Link Dress
December 3

Hidden Vine Path Foreground
December 4

Wraith Ombre Wig
December 5

Armoured Gloves
December 6

Winged Gauntlets


Upon opening all 20 chests, the following bonus item will be awarded:

Troubled Water Bridge
Troubled Water Bridge

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