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Editorial 169: Keep Calm and Carry On
  • Posted by Dream
  • Posted on February 4, 2012, 2:56 am NST

FlagThese have been some dark days for Jellyneopians. Robot Meepits and DreamHost server gremlins conspired to throw the site into repeated, unexpected downtime and leave innocent users lacking in precious facts. But their fiendish machinations will not stop this week's edition of the JN Editorial from coming out on time, oh no!

We shall fight them in the Content Department. We shall fight them in the Neopian Museum. We shall fight them with walls of overly-semicolon-ridden text. We shall fight them with answers about Habitariums and plot length, we shall fight them with answers about quests and dailies, we shall fight them with answers about side account regulations.

-> And we shall never surrender! <-

With the Meepits hopefully cleared out of the pipes for good this time, the coast is clear for the next editorial to be handled by the ever capable Illy two weeks from now. If you have a question for her to answer, go ahead and get in touch! Don't forget to check the Database first to make sure there isn't already a shiny answer ready and waiting for you, though.


How strange, these are just lying around on the floor... They look like jigsaw puzzle pieces. Well, might as well gather them up in one place.
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