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Feature Spotlight: Book of Ages Makeover!
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on January 30, 2010, 2:48 pm NST

This week's feature spotlight is... a redesigned Book of Ages! We spent the past couple of months re-designing, tweaking, and generally improving the search algorithm to make searching easier and more intuitive. But first...

What is the Book of Ages exactly?
Basically, it's a giant Neopedia! It has information on all of the characters in Neopia, nearly every last one. Did you know about Ryshiki? How about Dayla? If not, you can look them up in the Book of Ages! If you know of a character we're missing (we dare you to find a missing one!), you can let us know.

What's the point of the Book of Ages?
Well first of all, it can be a lot of fun to learn about new characters - but that's not the only reason we created it! It's also a wonderful reference tool to use when you're looking to create something - be it a character to discuss in the Neopian times, or someone to write a poem about or draw for a pet day. For instance, Lenny Day is coming up - and a simple search for Lenny in the Book of Ages yields 20 different results - and while you may have known about Finneus or the Lenny Conundrum Wizard, would you have ever thought to focus on King Kawillawoa?

What are those weird, dashed underlined links?
Whenever you see a link on Jellyneo with a dashed underlining, like Shuggu, that means it's a link to the Book of Ages. It's a link to read more background information on whatever you're currently reading about.

What's new in the Book of Ages?
First of all, the biggest upgrade we made was writing a completely new search algorithm. Now, instead of a basic name search, you can type in any keyword and you will get relevant results. You can also type in a species name, like 'techo', and get all of the characters in the BoA which are of that species.

If that isn't enough, check out the advanced search page where you can really zero in on a certain character.

We also more than doubled the number of search results per page, from 15 up to 36!

The character viewing page has also gotten some minor fixes. We changed the way the bottom links work, like the item searches. Instead of the full name, we added nicknames to some characters so that instead of searching for "Dr. Frank Sloth", you'll just get "Sloth" items.

Finally, we made lots of tweaks to the layout here and there to make things cleaner and more compliant with web standards. The title bar in your browser also changes a lot more depending on the page you're viewing!

Well, that about wraps up all of the changes we've made. How about you go check the BoA out now? We've put a lot of work into it just for you! :)
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