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Feature Spotlight: Book & Gourmet Checklist Tools
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on December 6, 2009, 3:40 pm NST

Welcome to the first of our bi-weekly feature spotlights! Instead of an editorial every weekend, we'll be posting an editorial every other weekend, and to fill in the gap, we'll be spotlighting a JN feature. We hope that it'll help introduce newer users to all of our cool content, and perhaps even show our older visitors something new they didn't know we had.

To kick things off, we're introducing something completely new: Book and Gourmet Food Checklist Tools.

Book Checklists
If you've ever wanted to read books to your pet to get them on the regular Book Award or Booktastic Book Award high score lists, you've undoubtedly had some trouble getting a list of books together, and then making sure your pet hasn't read them already.

Now, with our brand new Book Checklist Tool (and Booktastic version), you simply copy and paste in your pet's books read list and it'll show you what your pet still needs to read. Best of all, you can sort your list by price, name, or rarity. You can even print out the list or get the code to put on your petpage. Nifty, eh?

Gourmet Food Checklist
Feeding your pet any food item between rarity 90 and rarity 100 can get them on a high score table! With our Gourmet Food Checklist Tool, you simply copy and paste in the source of your pet's Gourmet Foods eaten page and it'll show you what foods are still available for eating. Similar to the book list, you can sort by price, name, or rarity, and get either a printable or HTML copy of your list to take with you.

Since these are both new JN features, we're also looking for suggestions and ideas on how to improve them (not to mention any bugs you come across!). So please leave some comments on what you think could be improved, or what you think we could add! :) Enjoy!

Side Update: It's now snowing over at our advent coverage & stocking stufftacular pages!
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