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Wardrobe Wars: Dinner is Served!
  • Posted by Rylon
  • Posted on August 10, 2019, 5:24 am NST

Wardrobe Wars is back - and better than ever! If you're not familiar, Wardrobe Wars is a monthly themed customization contest, with the winners receiving a trophy and being featured in the Wardrobe Hub!

What do I need to do?
  • Register for a jnAccount on our main site.
  • Head on over to our Wardrobe App, and start customising a pet to the theme!
  • When finished, save the outfit, using the appropriately-named "Save Outfit" button and copy the link for the next step. (And rename your outfit to match the theme.)
  • Visit the Wardrobe Wars entry submission form and fill out the three required fields. (via Google forms)

Submissions will be open until the 17th at 11:59PM NST, after which the entries will be reviewed, and those selected will be uploaded to our carousel on the 20th! Winners also receive the shiny trophy at the top of this post. You may submit as many outfits as you'd like.

Submit your entry! (via Google forms) »

This month's theme is titled Dinner is Served! Customise an edible-painted Neopet to create the most delicious entry!

We're also taking suggestions of themes for future rounds of Wardrobe Wars, so please submit any ideas you may have alongside your entry.

If you happen to come across an item that should be in Wardrobe but doesn't appear, please submit a bug report so we can look into it.

Best of luck!
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foxlover, 08/11/2019, 6:00 pm NST
*neo goes down towards end of day during DD*
*waits for people who haven’t played any DD games to insist they need an extra day because of downtime*

contessa, 08/11/2019, 6:25 pm NST
KInda feel that way myself right now, been trying to get on for 20 mins, but I will go away and do something else and maybe it will be back up very soon.

contessa, 08/11/2019, 8:03 pm NST
almost 90 mins now....

themeepit32, 08/11/2019, 8:23 pm NST
Neopets and downtime, become like a demented oreos and milk

gamemaster988, 08/11/2019, 8:33 pm NST
R.I.P Neopets, downtime

teresa, 08/11/2019, 8:37 pm NST
Well, depending on how long they are down, extra might be necessary. If it's just an hour, it's not too bad. If it's 3+ hours, that's a different story.

I personally just got home, so I'm hoping it comes up soon. I should be able to beat it in just a few tries (hopefully one try). But if they stay down, then...

But hopefully it will be back soon.

teresa, 08/11/2019, 9:07 pm NST
(and I have 4 more neopets hours that I can be awake to hope that it comes back up)

teresa, 08/11/2019, 9:51 pm NST
Still can't play. I got it to load (kinda) but all the words said undefined, and the score didn't go through. I don't know if it's because of the site down or the game loading improperly.

teresa, 08/11/2019, 10:16 pm NST
I think I managed to get it in, but I can't be sure since the page to open the box does not load the box so I cannot click it or see it

contessa, 08/11/2019, 10:20 pm NST
It is still down! Once I got a page to ~start~ loading but it never did, just site down page again, so going on a little over four hours down at least

teresa, 08/11/2019, 10:33 pm NST
Yeah, it's insane that it has been down this long.

I think they are probably going to have to give an extra day (or change to all completed day of except for one?) unless they manage to fix it pretty quickly.

I am lucky I managed it, but the constant refreshing just to see if maybe you can play and then even if you do manage to score high enough, it may or may not even count.


teresa, 08/11/2019, 10:34 pm NST
Oh!!! Try now! It seems to be working at least right now!

teresa, 08/11/2019, 11:41 pm NST
I feel so sad for anyone who was trying really hard but couldn't send thanks to the site being down/not working correctly

contessa, 08/11/2019, 11:53 pm NST
The site came up long enough for me to get a winning score and as soon as I hit send, the site went down again!!!

lucy_haha, 08/12/2019, 12:05 am NST
I can't check today's game and score requirements rn.

vaporesque, 08/12/2019, 12:17 am NST
"so sad for anyone who was trying really hard"
It was such an easily frustrating game, too. Downtime likely compounded that stress.

lucy_haha, 08/12/2019, 12:21 am NST
I feel sorry for you guys who were stressing to get the scores during down time.

I myself was lucky enough to make it on my second try way before the down time.

lucy_haha, 08/12/2019, 12:49 am NST
I just managed to load DD page within the laaaaggggggggggg.

Barf Boat
AAA 300
Abigail 30

A LOT easier than expected

lucy_haha, 08/12/2019, 12:50 am NST
Oh wait, Abigail is 80 not 30.

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