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Round 9 Open, Round 8 Results Posted!
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on June 27, 2019, 8:56 am NST

Round 9 guessing is now open! Don't forget, every 2 days, come back to JN and guess who you think will win each of the 10 rounds our staffers are competing in. The more guesses you get correct, the more points you earn, and the higher the trophy you'll receive in the end!

Before guessing, though, make sure you check out the round 8 results!

The schedule for round 10 is still pending! We will be posting it by the end of round 9.

So, what are you waiting for...

Guess Who Will Win Round 9 »
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purplebin, 06/27/2019, 9:28 am NST
Only 5 wrong guesses in 8 rounds!

topaz644, 06/27/2019, 9:58 am NST
The Steve/Quail matchup in round 9 is the tough call today.

mavegibson, 06/27/2019, 10:46 am NST
Chesu in the upset against Aurora! He's really making a comeback...

@topaz644 yeah, I went with Steve but it could go either way.

sengirmtg - JN Staff, 06/27/2019, 11:21 am NST
Yeah. This tournament has been pretty rough.

mistyraider, 06/27/2019, 5:00 pm NST
That's impressive purplebin!
I'm still over 80% on round guessing, but my top 3 & last guesses are not looking too good for a trophy.

contessa, 06/27/2019, 5:55 pm NST
I've done pretty good with my guessing, but even though I did submit guesses for the Top 3, somehow I forgot to do the first two rounds :O

dave - JN Staff, 06/27/2019, 6:56 pm NST
Looks like, as of the end of round 8, the top guesser has 36 correct guesses. :O

marfbear, 06/27/2019, 8:08 pm NST
36 correct guesses is pretty impressive - I'm at 33.

dr_tomoe, 06/27/2019, 8:58 pm NST
I'm only at 18, but I somehow missed round 2.

lucy_haha, 06/28/2019, 12:34 am NST
Uh... Is Neopets down, AGAIN? *facepalm*

alessia, 06/28/2019, 12:41 am NST
Yes it's down again!! I hope it won't last for a long time again

josh_m, 06/28/2019, 2:11 am NST
I have 34. It would be higher if I did better on round 6.

Hopefully Neo will be back up and running before I get home from work.

nelapink, 06/28/2019, 2:28 am NST
This is pretty much the only time I will have to do my dailies and play the AC today I am 300 SOSD games away from All Star, and I wanted to get that over with today. They really need to explain what happened a few days ago, as well as today.

didi30000, 06/28/2019, 2:46 am NST
It's really nice that we have JN though... at least frustrated Neopians can vent out here until Neo is back

faellie_ridiculous, 06/28/2019, 3:09 am NST
Was not expecting to see the Red Pteri again.
Again? Really? Wow. That's fairly ridiculous.

catdak, 06/28/2019, 3:27 am NST
A bit frustrated that Neo is down. Missed most this weeks previous down time because I was working but to have it again now

mistyraider, 06/28/2019, 3:39 am NST
Neo is down in 11 languages . . . I was bored and clicked them all.

biediep, 06/28/2019, 3:42 am NST
Ugh again, for real..
They better be working on something amazing or something, lol.

lucy_haha, 06/28/2019, 4:12 am NST
It's back. It was pretty smooth then it starts to lag again in a few minutes after it's up. And now we are having serve lag again. lol *facepalm*

contessa, 06/28/2019, 9:02 am NST
Glad I slept in today, it seems to be running ok now

dave - JN Staff, 06/28/2019, 9:12 am NST
No idea why the site was down earlier or a few days ago, but at one point I know there was an unscrupulous user who caused some connectivity issues by running a bunch of bots on the site... So it's not always TNT breaking something themselves. :\

lucy_haha, 06/28/2019, 10:47 am NST
Hey Dave, how do you know about the bot thing?? Did someone claim that they started a DoS/DDoS attack towards Neopets aomewhere on the Internet??

dave - JN Staff, 06/28/2019, 11:31 am NST
@lucy_haha I don't want to say much, but it was a user who was attempting to create a "helpful" service, but the way it was implemented, it ended up looking like a DDoS attack. That's why petpages are no longer accessible unless you're logged into your Neopets account.

This is also why we have CAPTCHAs on user lookups and pet lookups--before those were added, black market sellers would scrape as many lookups as possible looking for targets to attempt to hack into.

lucy_haha, 06/28/2019, 8:42 pm NST
That doesn't make too much sense to me.

First of all we already knew there is a very famous Poogle for that kind of searching offline and I simply cannot believe in the idea that these kind of attempts of searching only exists after the server transition.

And secondly, if you do not have any password for the targeted accounts, it's not like you can access the targets just because you found them. It might add difficulty for them to find less risky accounts but that doesn't stop them from accessing accounts with the leaks at all.

And BTW, it's more like a DoS than DDoS then, unless they managed to crack into other hosts for sending all the requests.

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