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Round 8 Open, Round 7 Results Posted!
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on June 25, 2019, 9:44 am NST

Round 8 guessing is now open! Don't forget, every 2 days, come back to JN and guess who you think will win each of the 10 rounds our staffers are competing in. The more guesses you get correct, the more points you earn, and the higher the trophy you'll receive in the end!

Before guessing, though, make sure you check out the round 7 results!

So, what are you waiting for...

Guess Who Will Win Round 8 »
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lasergu, 06/25/2019, 11:28 am NST
Hey, got all five for once.

alltimemarr, 06/25/2019, 12:14 pm NST
Yay. Second time all correct!

purplebin, 06/25/2019, 2:00 pm NST
Fourth round that I got all correct!
I'm pretty sure my 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Last guesses will be wrong, though.

mistyraider, 06/25/2019, 3:03 pm NST
All 5 right, I'm at 83%. I've had a couple rounds of only guessing 3 right tho. Didn't know who to chose in the Ummy - Sweep match-up. This time both choices were correct! yay.

marfbear, 06/25/2019, 3:06 pm NST
Also fourth time I got all correct, although round 6 really brought down my average.
My choice for 1st is still hanging in there, but the others aren't looking too good.

purplebin, 06/25/2019, 4:25 pm NST
Oh, man, I just checked and it turns out I forgot to finalize my choices earlier for this round. That was close.

pikachu315111, 06/25/2019, 4:44 pm NST
NOO! Neopets is down?! I just got home and got Yooyuball to play?!

chrissy, 06/25/2019, 4:46 pm NST
Yes the site is down for me too and i still have 30+ games of slushie slinger to play. Wonderful.

pikachu315111, 06/25/2019, 4:49 pm NST
Back up? Bit slow, hopefully will improve.

mikonaru, 06/25/2019, 4:54 pm NST
I just submitted a score that was high enough for a trophy and it didn't process since the site went down while playing

gigiamore, 06/25/2019, 4:54 pm NST
Same here Mikonaru :/

jomargem, 06/25/2019, 4:55 pm NST
It's down.

maxgarou, 06/25/2019, 4:56 pm NST
@Mikonaru same here. 2 scores on YYB. 12 and 14 goals, it might not be much, but it was wasted time.

pikachu315111, 06/25/2019, 5:04 pm NST
It's trying to come back, I'm getting pages to load but the games aren't loading.

rosi, 06/25/2019, 5:18 pm NST
I always get the 'connection failed' error message instead. And I still have 400 plays of SOSD to go

vaporesque, 06/25/2019, 5:20 pm NST
I can get the boards to load, but it takes over a minute per click.

1jediboy, 06/25/2019, 5:29 pm NST
Tell TNT and they might give us an extra day!
*sprinkles optimism*

rosi, 06/25/2019, 5:30 pm NST
And it's late night here in the sweltering heat x_X

pikachu315111, 06/25/2019, 5:37 pm NST
@ 1jediboy:
I think the only way that can be done is if they make it so today's match goes into tomorrow, pushing everything else back a day. Otherwise, if the next day starts the next match, they can't do anything about it. It's honestly the worst time for this to happen as many of us are just coming home from work thus now have time to play.

salina_sweet, 06/25/2019, 5:45 pm NST
It's trying to come back on....

1jediboy, 06/25/2019, 5:48 pm NST
"pushing everything else back a day."

I think that's best!

"It's honestly the worst time for this to happen as many of us are just coming home from work thus now have time to play."

Let's hope this is the last AC with flash. We'll be able to play on our other devices next year!

pikachu315111, 06/25/2019, 5:57 pm NST
"Let's hope this is the last AC with flash. We'll be able to play on our other devices next year!"

Even if we can doesn't matter if the site isn't able to accept scores.

topaz644, 06/25/2019, 6:01 pm NST
Anyone want to speculate on what the problem could be?

butterflyvj, 06/25/2019, 6:07 pm NST
Just getting a chance to play YYB and the site is down for me as well

pikachu315111, 06/25/2019, 6:12 pm NST
@ topaz644:
* The heat is causing servers to short circuit.
* There's a blackout where the servers are.
* The site's spaghetti code got into a tangle.
* Someone pressed the wrong button.
* Someone looked at the screen funny.
* Someone might have said something the server took offense to.
* It's the Altador Cup so of course it went down.

Who knows. Take your pick or come up with your own, it's all correct as far as we know.

vaporesque, 06/25/2019, 6:16 pm NST
Since some of us can get pages to load eventually, it's a server crash, right?

topaz644, 06/25/2019, 6:16 pm NST
lol I'll go with someone pressed the wrong button

vaporesque, 06/25/2019, 6:17 pm NST
* Someone might have said something the server took offense to.
My vote

dillpickles, 06/25/2019, 6:39 pm NST
OMG. I just got an actual Red Pteri page. I can't remember the last time I saw one of those!

faellie_ridiculous, 06/25/2019, 6:43 pm NST
Oh, look! The red pteri telling me Neopets is offline. Haven't seen that in a while. Unfortunate timing or good excuse to not torture myself with the AC.

I bet a lot people are saying offensive things to the server right now.

purplebin, 06/25/2019, 6:54 pm NST
I'm glad I had something else to do for the last couple of hours, but now I have time for Neo and I can't wait much longer for it to come back.
The Red Pteri is pretty definitive...

rosi, 06/25/2019, 6:55 pm NST
Seriously ! So, first that power cut in the neighbourhood which caused me an irreparable loss of data and then, when it's time for me to log into Neopets, the site is down for hours! I have bedtime in an hour and I haven't played nor done my dailies What's this? The international 'when the dung hits the fan day' or what? I feel like I wasted a whole day of my life GRRR!!!

pikachu315111, 06/25/2019, 6:58 pm NST
Wow, they brought out the Red Pteri? Maybe they should re-release the Neopocalypse avatar (http://www.jellyneo.net/?go=avatars&s=Neopocalypse), lol!

chrisk123, 06/25/2019, 7:00 pm NST
Play some of the games while you are waiting.
(You won't earn NP but you will have fun)

Feel like I am in a time warp

1jediboy, 06/25/2019, 7:12 pm NST
@pikachu315111 -

* Someone looked at the screen funny.
* Someone might have said something the server took offense to.


I vote BOTH of these! Someone glared at the server and it took offense.

foxlover, 06/25/2019, 7:20 pm NST
look at us losers with nothing to do with Neo offline lolllllll

sycatt, 06/25/2019, 7:25 pm NST
The office cat jumped on the server, played with some cables for a while, then unplugged everything as it jumped off to bat around a miamouse plushie.

butterflyvj, 06/25/2019, 7:28 pm NST

Precisely. Unmanned cat jumped Jumpstart!

contessa, 06/25/2019, 7:32 pm NST
noooooooooooo the site has been down for hours! I had just gotten home from work and was planning on playing for a few hours.

And - you cannot even post on their FB page anymore unless to comment on something they posted, like their last one a few days ago about what to wear at ComicCon!

adventurer262, 06/25/2019, 7:32 pm NST
I had a feeling people would be commenting about this!
I hope they push it back a day. I couldn't really get to playing until now.

mavegibson, 06/25/2019, 7:40 pm NST
Darn, was wanting to see how I did with my Food Club bets.

purplebin, 06/25/2019, 7:55 pm NST
I've often wondered if the actual end of Neopets would look like this. Sudden and no warning.
I did the dishes, and now I don't have anything else to do, so I guess I'll just head to bed and hope for the best in the morning.
Other than my AC games there were a bunch of things I wanted to do on Neo tonight...
This feels a lot like a power outage.

dr_tomoe, 06/25/2019, 7:58 pm NST

Crossblades, Young Sprogie, and Ol' Stripey all upset.

vaporesque, 06/25/2019, 7:58 pm NST
This feels a lot like a power outage.
Lets hope not, or hours could easily become a day.

contessa, 06/25/2019, 8:02 pm NST
I have refreshed off and on at www.isitdownrightnow.com and every so often they say that the site is up but then it says down again. They also say it is a server issue so who knows? I'll go do some stuff and check back in 30 mins or so but I have an early morning client so cannot stay up too late tonite.

I definitely think they should let today carry over into tomorrow for the AC!

rodgerflint, 06/25/2019, 8:35 pm NST
Oh scoots, I tried to go do my day of games but the site is rip

seven_dead_owls, 06/25/2019, 9:06 pm NST
Still down
Made All Star before the double bye days but still wanted to play for shop points this week and I won't be around Friday to do any.

maple_snow, 06/25/2019, 10:08 pm NST
I hope the Meepits didn't mess up the site enough for it to be down until daylight (or longer!)

nelapink, 06/25/2019, 10:11 pm NST
I really hope it's back in 2 hours....I will be gone all day and I was hoping to just go to the Faerie Caverns for the Carto Perk before it runs out in 3.5 hours...

vaporesque, 06/25/2019, 11:07 pm NST
Some pages are loading again; bank, tarla, nb index. Others are not; nb threads, stocks, news.

Progress is nice, shows their efforts, but still

nelapink, 06/25/2019, 11:11 pm NST
I got the neoboards to load and I was able to spin the Archives Wheel, it's gone again now though!

alessia, 06/25/2019, 11:18 pm NST
Some pages are loading but veeeeeeery slowly and it doesn't send scores

starryfaerie, 06/25/2019, 11:34 pm NST
Neo's downtime caused me to miss one of the Snowager sleeping times when I have the Avatar Goldmine perk activated... Oh well.
I'm glad the site is slowly getting back online again.

lillyb, 06/26/2019, 12:38 am NST
It's still down for me

biediep, 06/26/2019, 1:22 am NST
Wow, I just woke up and was met with this horrible lag / site being down when I tried to do my dailies. Has it really been down for almost 12 hours already?? o.o (going by the comments above) Ouch :S

alessia, 06/26/2019, 1:47 am NST
The site is still unusable, we're going to lose almost a full Altador day...

faellie_ridiculous, 06/26/2019, 2:10 am NST
Got 50 nps from the Rich Slorg. Score! But cannot send scores. Could not collect my bank interest or spin Trudy. Cannot buy from Healing Springs. It did register my 50k from Ghoul Catchers. Yes, I was desperate enough to play that on my phone hoping the site would come back in the meantime. But, no. Well I will be at work all day into the night. Forget you, AC.

una, 06/26/2019, 2:51 am NST
I spent a good few minutes logging in and now it won't even load anything. I hope it's fixed soon

chrissy, 06/26/2019, 2:59 am NST
I'll be so disappointed if i can't max out on SOSD today. I've maxed out on it every day up until now

salina_sweet, 06/26/2019, 4:33 am NST
Well i was able to spin trudys wheel create a board and get 3 games of sosd in that went trough till it crashed again telling me this site can't be reached. this really sucks

mistyraider, 06/26/2019, 5:29 am NST
I did my dailies. Slow going. Second hand shoppe & fishing vortex are super laggy and needed to be reloaded if visiting multiple times, Tombola never loaded. Could send scores in SOSD and MSN.

I feel like a broken record wishing JSNT could spend more time being creative and fun and less on fixing problems, some of which I kinda think they create.

bigtintin, 06/26/2019, 5:58 am NST
It seems to be up. Did my dailies, and sent several scores in MSN and SOSD.

una, 06/26/2019, 7:30 am NST
It's working fine for me now, games, customising and everything seems to be fine

roshchodesh, 06/26/2019, 7:46 am NST
So, like, do we get a prize if we get NONE correct??

topaz644, 06/26/2019, 1:48 pm NST
Things are very laggy again. Taking bets on if we lose another day!

contessa, 06/27/2019, 8:39 am NST
The site is down again!

queen_megs, 06/27/2019, 8:44 am NST
Getting a lot of lag and some server not found/problem loading page messages (Healing Springs shop doesn't want to load). Ugggh, let's hope it's not another 12 hours before they fix it...

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