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War for the Obelisk Coverage

Looking for information on the biweekly recurring Obelisk battles? Head on over to our Tyrannian Battleground guide.

Battle: Raiding Party

Another wave of challengers is upon us! Things are really heating up now, with oppenents that should be challenging for everyone. There are another six challengers in total, one for each faction (although, you won't get to fight your own team).


During this wave, the HP levels are the same for each challenger, and they do not increase with each win. Please click on each challenger to be taken to their In-Depth Battlepedia listing.

Prizes won from battling the below opponents are from the regular Ugga Dome prize pool, with the addition of the Green Luminous Cask.

Raiding Party - Health Points

80 HP

120 HP

160 HP
Raiding Party - Challengers

Midnight Smuggler

Thieves Guild

Nefarious Plotter

The Sway

Licensed Conjurer

Order of the Red Erisim

Brutal Mercenary

Brute Squad

Stalwart Explorer


Ghostly Knight


Doing Your Part

There's a progress bar at the main Obelisk page, which updates with every battle fought! Completing the bar can be achieved by beating 45 opponents (combined total) on the hardest difficulty, 50 on medium, or 65 on easy.


Raiding Party - Achievements

Flawless Victory
Win a battle with full hit-points. (You are allowed to take damage as long as when the battle ends, you have full hit-points.)
Amber Sword

I Used To Be A Great Battler
Lose a battle with your active pet.
Icy Muffin

Green Luminous Cask

When battling, one of your prizes may be the Green Luminous Cask, a seemingly strange no-trade item. You can only open the cask by purchasing and using a Silver Cask Key from the NC Mall for 125NC. The Key will appear in your inventory, and you can then use it to open the cask. You can find up to four casks, each awarding one of the below items. You cannot receive more than one of each item.

Green Luminous Cask - Prizes