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War for the Obelisk Coverage

Looking for information on the biweekly recurring Obelisk battles? Head on over to our Tyrannian Battleground guide.

An Earthquake Hits Neopia

On February 11, 2013, Neopia was plagued with a series of earthquakes that shook the entire planet for about a day. As Neopians everywhere soon found out, this was due to a mysterious obelisk popping up on the outskirts of the Tyrannian Plateau.

The earthquakes were random and could hit anywhere in Neopia. Neopians were greeted with one of the following random events and a rather vigorous shaking.

If you missed the earthquakes, or just want to experience them again, make an earthquake below!

Make an earthquake!

Shortly after the earthquakes began shaking Neopia, a mysterious spire appeared in Tyrannia.

Visiting the spire up close revealed that there could very possibly be some work to do in the coming days.

Lo and behold, a day later, a group of nomadic diggers, led by an enthusiastic Zafara showed up at the site to start digging it out, and all of Neopia was invited to help out.