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War for the Obelisk Coverage

Looking for information on the biweekly recurring Obelisk battles? Head on over to our Tyrannian Battleground guide.

Scanning for Buried Relics

Metal detectors at the ready, it's time to delve into the Tyrannian landscape and uncover treasures in the Neocash event, Scanning for Buried Relics. There are 14 days in which you can find NC items, finishing at 11:59:59pm on February 25th, 2013. You can start participating at any point during this time (using the appropriate ticket packs), meaning you can catch up on days that have already passed. As this is a NC-only activity you are free to complete it on side accounts (but be sure not to do anything else!). For full details, please refer to the FAQ.

To access the Scanoscope site, visit the main Mysterious Dig Site and click on the sparkling mound of earth. Alternatively, you can simply visit this direct link! But since this is a NC Mall-based event, it's all about the sparkles. So be sure to stick with the sparkles. SPARKLES!

Mound locations will vary daily!

Scanoscope Packs

Tyrannian Scanoscope Packs need to be purchased from the NC Mall before you can start. They come in three amounts: 1, 5, and 14-pack scanoscopes.

Once purchased, all packs need to be activated in your inventory. Click on the item, then use the Activate your Tyrannian Scanoscope Pack option in the dropdown menu. If using multiple 1 or 5-packs, you will need to do this for each pack. Please note: If you use multiple 1 or 5-packs, it will allow you to activate more than 14 scanoscopes. However, as you cannot search more than 14 times any extras will be unable to be used - so be careful!

Scanning for Treasure

So you've activated your Scanoscope Packs, now what? Well it's time to search for treasure, of course! Select the day you wish to scan by clicking the corresponding yellow question mark, which indicates an available day. Hovering over a question mark highlights it, by using yet more yellow! Unavailable days have a 'locked' icon. You'll need to confirm your choice once a 'scan here?' popup appears.

Unfortunately, it doesn't get much more exciting than that! The popup shifts to reveal the day's item ... and that's it! Prizes are placed into your inventory, and the only other thing left to do is select another day, provided you have one available.


The below table lists the items received through the Scanoscope activity:

Scanoscope Daily Prizes
February 12

Tyrannian Lagoon Background
February 13

Carved Bone Sword
February 14

Tyrannian Camouflage Dress
February 15

Hanging Beads Garland
February 16

Niptor Contacts
February 17

Formidable Bone Shoulder Armour
February 18

Dusty Adventurer Hat and Wig
February 19

Tribal Pottery Foreground
February 20

Tyrannian Camouflage Shoes
February 21

Stonehead Spear
February 22

Tribal Skeleton Armour
February 23

Fashionable Bone Wig
February 24

Lair Beast Wings
February 25

Tyrannian Print Tutu