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War for the Obelisk Coverage

Looking for information on the biweekly recurring Obelisk battles? Head on over to our Tyrannian Battleground guide.

War Achievements

Alongside each new wave of Battledome challengers there are also optional Achievements to be completed, similar to those during The Faeries' Ruin. You'll find the achievements listed on the outskirts page, listed below each set of challengers. The below is a collective listing, detailing each achievement, how it can be completed, and the awarded prize.

First Charge - Achievements
Achievement How To Prize

Dapper 'Dome
Customise your battle pet with a hat, then go fight in the Battledome.
Neovian Fashion History

Stick 'Em With the Pointy End
Equip any weapon to your pet. You do not have to fight, merely equip the item.
Double Pointed Spear
Second Assault - Achievements
Achievement How To Prize

Not A Quitter
Fill the "Doing Your Part" bar for the Second Assault wave of challengers.
Caramel Iced Coffee with Extra Caramel

Daring Dare-doer
Complete a Faction Challenge.
Gold Stars Sheet
Raiding Party - Achievements
Achievement How To Prize

Flawless Victory
Win a battle with full hit-points. (You are allowed to take damage as long as when the battle ends, you have full hit-points.)
Amber Sword

I Used To Be A Great Battler
Lose a battle with your active pet.
Icy Muffin
Offensive Strike - Achievements
Achievement How To Prize

Fight ALL The Challengers!
Have battled every challenger in the War for the Obelisk so far (Waves 1 - 4, their difficulty level doesn't matter).
Lesser Healing Scroll

Positively, Naturally, And Really All Around Inconceivable
Get 10 wins in a row against challengers in the fourth wave.
Grey Shield
Final Invasion - Achievements
Achievement How To Prize

Warm Fuzzies
Beat each of the faction leaders in the Final Invasion.
Maractite Pauldrons

I Do Not Think That Is What You Think It Is
Gift any item to a member of an opposing team.
Apologetic Bouquet of Flowers
Surprise Attack - Achievements
Achievement How To Prize

Neopet SMASH!
Apparently received after doing a certain amount of cumulative damage; testing and reports suggest approximately 2k damage total against "Mighty" opponents.
Pea Chia Plushie

'Tis Just A Scratch
Unconfirmed at present. Multiple ways have been suggested. They include: Survive one round, and be KO'd on the second; use a healing item even with a 1-hit KO, receive over 1k damage in a single turn, etc. Reports suggest that people have received the achievement for all these possibilities, with no evidence of overlapping.
Healing Springs Stamp