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Typing Terror

Typing Terror Information
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4.35 Points =
1 NP
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The last things you'd expect to evade the Virtupets Space Station are probably malfunctioning clockwork Grundos who can only be disarmed by typing. Nevertheless, in Typing Terror that is just what happens. They come in five waves (five levels) of increasing difficulty. Simply type the word on each Grundo's chest to short circuit it and bring yourself one step closer to saving the Space Station. The yellow bots are worth 5 points, red ones are worth 20 (since they're upside down!), and red/purple/pink/broken ones bag you a whopping 100 points!

It's also important to be accurate, as there is an accuracy bonus at the end: 100% accuracy earns you 200 extra points! Accuracy is simply your accurate keystrokes (how often you hit the right letter) divided by your total keystrokes (how many keys you mash in a frenzy during the level). In the bottom right corner of the screen is a hint box that simply shows you the word that needs to be typed. Look here if the word is obstructed above or you're confused which word you have started typing. Once you begin typing a word you have to complete it before you can move on to the next.

After the fifth level, the boss faces you (just standing there). You need to accurately type about 25 words on his chest in only 60 seconds or it's game over! However, the accuracy bonus is boosted for this boss battle: 100% accuracy earns you 300 extra points this time around. And each word you enter correctly is worth 20 points. If you beat him, you get an additional 100 points for every life you have remaining. The maximum you can earn in the boss level is 1,100 points. Hence, if you're going for the avatar, you should enter the boss battle with at least 2,500 points (hopefully more).

Occasionally, a very large robot Grundo will appear on the screen. This may be a glitch (or a mean joke by TNT), as it always seems to end the game no matter how many lives the player has. There doesn't seem to be any way of avoiding it, so just hope you don't run into this beast!

Level Scaling
Level # of Words Needed Letters per Word Tips
1 12 3 Easiest level. Aim for rarer Grundos if you can.
2 14 4 Just a bit harder. Same strategy.
3 16 5 And harder. Depending on your skill, you may want to abandon strategy soon and just type!
4 18 6 Try to keep all of your lives until the end...
5 20 7 Definitely the hardest for most. Type for your life!
6 (Boss) 25 8 Type a word every two seconds on average. Practice.

Tips On Getting The Avatar

As with just about every non-pure-chance Neopets game, the best way to get better is to practice. Try training mode if you wish, but remember that you can't earn any points, and it never ends. Accuracy is much more important than quick typing, but both never hurt, especially in that dreaded 5th level. Luck plays an important part in this game. Without any luck at all, you will be facing a maximum measly score of 2,300, whereas being the luckiest person in the world could get you a theoretical 9,900 points! Of course, the high scores don't reach even half that. Always seek out the 100 point bots if you can for the decisive advantage. Here is a rough guideline for where you should be up to at key levels:

Level 1: If you have less than 400 points, restart the game.

Level 5: Anything less than 2,500 points will most likely not get you the avatar, unless you've got amazing typing skills. Otherwise, restart the game.

It's important to keep all of your lives, as they give you a 100 point bonus for each life at the end of Level 6; restart your game if you lose one. Accuracy is just as important! If you make a couple of mistakes, that's ok, but too many will decrease your score.

Destroy. Destroy. Cupcakes. Destroy.

Another sort of risky tip is to allow the yellow Grundos to march close towards you in the first two or three levels before destroying them; the point of this is to allow more time for Sparking Grundos to potentially appear behind the normal ones. You have to wait before blowing up the yellows at the front of the screen because there is a quota that must be reached before passing each level (see the above table for the exact numbers) and you don't want to reach it too soon. This gives you a greater chance of boosting your score and you are more likely to achieve the avatar! Just be careful that you don't let them get TOO close.

Typing Terror

Typing Terror / Guide

Send a score of 3,600+ points in Typing Terror.

When activated, the 2019 Charity Corner perk, More for Less, decreases the score needed to 2,880+ points.

Released: August 24, 2005

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