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Neopian Trophies

Is your lookup looking a little plain? Want to feel bigger, better, and more accomplished than others? Even a customized lookup not giving you the confidence boost you need? Well, the easiest way to remedy that is to garnish your account with row upon row of fabulous trophies! While many trophies available in Neopia require a great amount of skill (or luck), some simply...don't. The best part of trophies is that once you earn one it will stay on your lookup forever—it cannot expire or be taken away. Below is a list of the different types of trophies you can earn.

Game Trophies

There are two types of game trophies you can earn.


Neoquest Trophy

Non-competitive trophies require to achieve certain feats, but with no competition with other players. Although not always easy, you can earn these with patience, skill, and a little luck. These trophies are awarded when you complete certain levels of a game rather than beating other players' high scores. These games are often HTML/PHP-based (played in the browser). Some examples include Neoquest I and II, Cheat!, Snow Wars, Pyramids, and Cellblock.

Punchbag Bob TrophyOne trophy deserving special mention comes from defeating Punchbag Bob in the Battledome. He's an easy opponent in that he doesn't attack your pet at all, but challenging in that he has an extremely high number of hit points. If you don't have formidable weapons and a high Strength boost, beating him could take you a long time. As long as you're patient and keep whittling away, you'll eventually defeat him and come away with a shiny green trophy!


Kass Basher Trophy

The other type of game trophy you can get requires quite a bit more skill and will require a lot of practice. You can get high score trophies for most of the games available on the site. To win one of these, you must score within the top 17 high scores so far in a given month, and remain in the top 17 until the high score trophy script next runs around the end of the day. (Starting in 2014, the trophy script began changing schedules daily—previous to 2014, it was always at 12:10 AM NST.)

The high score tables reset at around 12:10 AM NST on the 1st of each month; the first day is the easiest to get a trophy, especially in luck/chance games and games with a maximum possible score. (We say "around" because it isn't timed to the second; it can be a few seconds early or late. Thanks to mcneillyf for this tip!)

Besides high score tables, there is also another way to compete with players on the site to win trophies. These come in the form of monthly tournaments where you'll have to face off against of a variety of different players. This will require quite a bit of dedication over the course of a month (or more, if you don't win the first time). There are only three games that participate in these kinds of monthly tournaments: Armada, Geos, and Kacheekers.

Random Contest Trophy

Contest Trophies

There are a number of different contests on Neopets that require either artistic talent, smarts, or good perception. They each have their own trophy and you can get multiples of each trophy. (This would show up as a x2, x3, etc on your profile.) A few of these contests include the Neopian Times, Art Gallery, Poetry Contest, Storytelling Contest, and the Lenny Conundrum.

Plot Trophies

These trophies can only be obtained through Neopets plots. These are special occasions that usually happen once or twice a year that can involve solving a series of puzzles and defeating enemies in the Battledome.

Most plot trophies are only available to players who participated in the plot at the time it took place. There have been many plots in the past—keep an eye on New Features to see if one's coming up! There is one exception to the retired plot trophy rule: the Altador mini-plot. It is open indefinitely and will still earn you a trophy and prizes. Our Altador Plot guide details all the steps you need to take to complete the plot.

Site Event Trophies

GMCA few other trophies are obtainable through Neopets site events. These commonly take place annually (as distinct from plots, which only happen once) and the trophy designs are often similar from year to year. You can earn a different trophy for each site event each year, and your stats from that event can pop-up when you click on the trophy in your profile. Notable site events include the Altador Cup, the Games Master Challenge/Daily Dare, and the Charity Corner.

Site Feature Trophies

These miscellaneous trophies appear in a special row on your lookup.

The Kadoatery trophy requires you to feed mewling Kadoaties in the Kadoatery, their special kennel located in the Neopia Central Plaza. To do this, you must compete with other players in real time, as only the first person to furnish a Kadoatie with their desired snack is credited with feeding them. Your lookup will boast a bronze Kodoatie trophy after successfully feeding one Kadoatie, a silver Kadoatie after feeding ten, and a golden Kadoatie after feeding twenty-five. Although this is the highest trophy, the caption beneath the trophy publicly lists how many Kadoaties you have fed to date, resulting in an unofficial trophy upgrade of sorts. Many Kad feeders strive to feed 75 Kadoaties, sometimes referred to as "going pink" because of the pink avatar that this achievement earns, and some players, known as "overfeeders," continue Kad feeding beyond that. To learn the art of Kad feeding, see our Kadoatery guide.

The Site Feature Trophies include two slots for trophies available from the Battledome-based Defenders of Neopia game, one for each of the two current series. In each series, you are tasked with battling various opponents in a set order. Defeating an opponent may require tailored battle strategies, improved battle stats, or advanced weapon sets. After each successful mission, you are awarded a new Site Feature Trophy commemorating your victory, which replaces the previous mission's trophy. There are seventeen possible trophies from Series 1 and five from Series 2. The feature is currently offline, but for a list of opponents, strategies, and trophies, see our Battlepedia guide to DoN.

Premium users receive the Lucky Space Faerie Charm, formerly obtained after referring two or more people to Neopets Premium, but now a standard Premium benefit. This valuable feature randomly doubles the Neopoints you receive from playing Flash games.

All players also automatically have the Lutari Talisman on their profile. You can place different coloured beads with a variety of properties on your talisman.

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