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Toy Repair Shop

"Give me your broken, your torn, a few Neopoints, and I'll see what I can do."

Uh-oh... Did your Eyrie break your Light Faerie Snowglobe? Or maybe your Mynci was being a bit crazy with its Chia Plushie. Well no worries, because there's a little toy fixing shop on Terror Mountain, Donny's Toy Repairing Shop!

Yup, he's a sour old Bori but with the right amount of Neopoints, he can make your Fake Uni Hat as good as new! Other times, he may not be able to fix your item and he causes it to turn into a Pile of Rubble! If that happens, you won't be getting your item back unless you buy a new one. :( However, on occasion, if he can't fix it, he'll give you a completely new item in return for the broken one (it can even be a rarity 101 item!).

A Pile of Rubble might be the result of Donny's inability to fix your toy!

Just arrive at his shop and bring the broken item in your inventory for him to fix. The amount of Neopoints he charges varies and doesn't really matter on the item, occasionally he may repair the item for free. There are a few items he can't fix, though, such as a Broken Fish Pole or a Broken Toy Boat. That's because these items are meant to be broken so there's nothing wrong with them.

"It's annoying how people expect me to fix this stuff...*cough cough*"

Being an old Bori, though, sometimes Donny has coughing fits. Just pat him on the back and he'll hopefully recover.

If you take a Bag of Broken Neopoints to be repaired, you can get Neopoints! But the maximum amount is 2,000 NP, so don't fix the bag if he asks for a fee higher than that.

On certain occasions, Donny will tell you that as much as he tried, he couldn't fix your item. In this case, he'll give you a completely different one as an apology.

So what are you waiting for? Get to the Toy Repair Shop and get your toys fixed right away!

Toy Repair Avatar
Broken Broken
Get a Broken Toy fixed by Donny at the Toy Repair Shop.

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