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Toy Repair Shop

Have a broken toy? You're in luck! Donny runs a Toy Repair Shop on the peak of Terror Mountain to fix toys for any Neopian who visits him.


List of Broken Toys

Not all broken toys are created equal. There is a specific set of items that Donny can repair for you. For a full list, see our Broken Toy category in the Item Database. If an item is not listed there, Donny will not be able to repair it.

Broken Fake Kass Charm Broken Lady Blurg Bat Game Broken Meridell Toy Plane Broken Air Faerie Snowglobe

How to Repair

To repair a toy, simply make sure the item is in your inventory and then visit Donny. He will ask which item from your inventory you wish to have fixed. Clicking on it will result in Donny asking you if you'd like to have it repaired, along with the cost.

Confirm you wish to repair the toy


The cost for repairing a toy can range between a few hundred NP. Typically, you can expect a fee of 300-400 NP. Occasionally, Donny will offer to repair an item for free.

When repaired, the Bag of Broken Neopoints will result in a gain of 1,000-2,000 NP. Depending on the price of the bag and the cost of repair, this could be an advantageous way to make a few NP.

Bag of Broken Neopoints


Despite you hoping to have your toy repaired, a few things could happen to your item:

Damaged Beyond Repair

Sometimes, Donny will not be able to fix your toy, accidentally turning it into a Pile of Rubble or Pile of Sludge, which he will return to you.

Pile of RubblePile of Sludge

Alternate Prize

If Donny cannot fix your toy, and he's in the mood to apologize, you will receive an alternative item as a prize. Most of these items are various TCG Rare Item Code prizes (with a few exceptions):

A Fixed Toy!

Of course, Donny can fix your broken toy and turn it back into its old shiny self.


There is also an avatar available for having Donny fix a toy:


Broken / Guide

Get a Broken Toy fixed by Donny at the Toy Repair Shop.

Released: November 10, 2004

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