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Tiki Tours

Island Chomby Tiki Tour Guide Island Grundo

Hey, since you've spent the time to travel all the way out to this Mystery Island why not spend the day on a Tiki Tour? That's right! For just 50 25 NP you can let the Tiki Tour Guide give one of your pets a tropical tour! Your pet will experience the full glory of Mystery Island and will increase in its happy level. This is useful for evading the bad effects that could result from your pet being too sad.

Plus at the end of the tour you're given an opportunity to pick up 'free stuff'! No, not items silly! Screensavers and greeting cards! Souvenirs to make your mainlander friends jealous ^_~

A Day At The Beach

A Day At The Beach / Guide

Go on a Tiki Tour with one of your pets.

Released: June 26, 2007

Relaxing by the beach
Wish you were here!

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