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The Buzzer Game

The Buzzer Game Information
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If you're here, that must mean that you're seeking help for the [infamous] Buzzer Game. This game is seriously tough; not only does it require nerves of steel, but also immense levels of patience and concentration. Your reward for having such traits is a spiffy avatar!

The point of this game is to guide the hoop from one end of the wire to the other. So what's the catch? Well, the metal hoop cannot touch the wire, or else you will lose a life and be forced to start over. Trust me when I say it sounds easier than it is.


First, take a look at the game screen. As you can see, it's pretty simple. You really don't have to pay attention to the bottom part of the screen at all, because the levels aren't timed. As you can see in the image there is a 'bonus clock' that ticks down. If you finish a level before the bonus runs down to zero, you are awarded bonus points accordingly. I wouldn't recommend rushing in order to receive bonus points, though, as you're much more likely to lose a life while doing so.


To actually play the game, click the green circle (otherwise known as the 'start' button) on the leftmost end of the wire. After you have clicked it, the hoop will move where your mouse moves. You do not have to hold down the mouse button during the game, just simply use your cursor to guide the hoop. Each level finishes when your hoop crosses over the red circle (the 'stop' button) at the other end of the wire. If your hoop comes into contact with the black wire at any time, you will lose a life and the level will restart. Sometimes, because of the way the game is drawn, it will look like your hoop is touching the wire when it isn't. Some people use to this to their advantage, getting very close to the wire. I like to play the game on the safe side, though, and always keep the wire in the middle of my hoop.


The hoop (as you may have noticed) is very small, which makes it difficult to guide over the wire. Of course it doesn't help that the wire twists and turns all over the place in order to trip you up. However, there is actually a fairly simple and nearly foolproof strategy to playing this game successfully.

First off, I recommend that you immediately use the cheat code cheese. Do this before you do anything else in the game. Typing this code in will make your mouse cursor (that fun little white arrow) pop up on the screen and remain there for the rest of the game. Now, use your cursor to guide the hoop, instead of trying to guess based on what you can see. As long as the tip (point) of the cursor remains in the center of the black wire, you're in the clear. I rely solely on my cursor in this game, and it hasn't failed me once.

Hoop and Wire
See how complicated it looks without a cursor?

Even when you have your cursor, it's still easy to get tripped up. I recommend playing each level as slowly as possible. There's no reason you should lose a life during this game - usually I only lose them because of stupid mistakes (like speeding up when I don't need to). It's not worth attempting to receive a bonus from the level unless you're going for a trophy. To help yourself be patient, be sure to mute your computer as the game will make random noises to try and distract you. Unfortunately there is no in-game mute button so you'll have to actually mute your entire computer. I also recommend using the largest game resolution possible to make the wire easier to see.

In-Game Distractions

The game will throw many distractions at you in an attempt to make you lose a life. It's best if you go into the game prepared for them. As I mentioned before, the game will make a lot of random noises so you probably want to mute your computer while playing. The Techo make faces at you at random times, his eyes can glow red, and he can stick his tongue out whenever he pleases. Also, a variety of fruits and other items will fall from the top of the screen at random intervals. That's about it, but with enough practice, you should be able to ignore whatever comes at you.


In total, there are fifteen levels. You will not need to play all of them in order to achieve an avatar-worthy score. Take note that you only have three lives in this game, and there are no opportunities to earn more. This is why I suggested earlier that you do not rush a level in order to receive bonus points - it's not worth losing a life over.

The Buzzer Game Level Images
The Buzzer Game Levels

Hints and Tips

  • Type the code cheese at the beginning of the game to show the cursor
  • Type the code salamander while the timer is ticking to skip a level. You will not receive any points, however you can use this code as many times as you want
  • On level 13, you can skip over the entire loop, simple follow the wire to the right when you reach the intersection

Easter Egg

If you're inactive for a short while, the Phantom Orange Shirt Guy will appear at the back of your screen. He also appears in several other games!

The Buzzer Game Avatar
Techo - The Buzzer GameTecho - The Buzzer Game
Successfully submit a score of 300 or more in The Buzzer Game to get this avatar.

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