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Buried Treasure

So ye be wanting ter find the Treasure of the Black Pawkeet? Arr, go 'head 'n try yer luck a' findin' the buried treasure!

You're presented with a game board where you can click on any space. You can play every three hours and each time you play it costs 300 NP. There are a number of special occasions on which that price lowers, most notably in the month of November when the price lowers to 150 NP for the duration of the month. It's also free on the exact date of Neopet's anniversary (November 15th).

The game does follow a certain pattern, so it isn't completely based on luck. Look on the Neoboards for groups that are trying to find the treasure, they usually have it narrowed down to a general area of coordinates. The reasoning behind this is that the treasure "drifts" along the game board, like the waves of the sea, so if you go to a similar or nearby coordinate there's a better chance (though not guaranteed) of getting a prize.

The Game Board

Buried Treasure Game Board

The game board is made up of thousands of different coordinate combinations. You can tell which coordinate you're looking at by holding your mouse over a location and looking at the information bar in your browser, which should have a URL in it. At the end of that URL will be a series of numbers (for example 122,347) and those are the coordinates of the spot you are currently hovering over.

You can click on anywhere on the game board though the game will tell you to choose again if you click on the wooden bottom part of the board.

Once you decide on a location, click and hope you get a prize!


There are a number of wonderful prizes you can get from Buried Treasure, whether it be Dubloons or even the elusive Jackpot, which usually is somewhere in the millions of Neopoints. Below is a list of all of the prizes that are available from the game.

Buried Treasure Prizes
Image Prize
Blank Scroll No prize.
Small Neopoint Scroll 500 Neopoints
Large Neopoint Scroll Either 1000, 1500, 2000, 5000, or 20000 Neopoints.
Booby Prize Scroll One of the following booby prizes: Yellow Growth, Rancid Old Meat, Rock Baby Cabbages, Spongy Mound, Snout Plant, Buried Burger, or Maggoty Spud.
Dubloon Scroll One Dubloon Coin
Jackpot Scroll Jackpot!!!

There's also an avatar you can earn from Buried Treasure!

Buried Treasure Avatar
Aisha ScalawagAisha Scalawag
Random event when you play Buried Treasure.

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