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The Wraith Resurgence

Taelia's Brewing Centre

Heads up! This activity is repeated multiple times. We recommend working from our step-by-step walkthrough and referring to this guide when needed.

To counter the mounting threat of the wraiths, you will need the assistance of Taelia the Snow Faerie and her expert potion brewing skills. Gather ingredients for her to concoct potions that can remove the wraith fog plaguing Neopia.

Gathering Ingredients

The Concoction ingredients that Taelia requests can be found by fighting the wraiths you encountered in previous steps.

1) Wraiths can be fought in the Rattling Cauldron Arena, and will commonly drop the ingredients you need upon being defeated (no matter the difficulty you choose). (These drops are not counted in your daily 15 item limit.)

The wraiths will drop:

The number of each ingredient you need will depend on which step you are currently on.

2) Ensure that you fight each wraith either 5 times on Hard, 10 times on Medium, or 20 times on Easy. Your goal is to fill the bar to 100% on your achievements page under the "Battle" tab. You may battle on a combination of difficulties to fill the bar.

3) Upon filling the bar, you'll have unlocked all three of the battling achievements and receive a prize for the third achievement.

Creating Potions

1) After collecting wraith parts from the Battledome, return to Faerie Resistance HQ and visit Taelia's Brewing Centre by clicking on the table of colourful potions.

2) Click on the scroll on her table to visit the list of ingredients she desires.

3) You will need to create a new potion for each new step of the plot, and they are listed in ascending order. You will need two of the potions to complete the steps:

  • Concoction I - 6 Wraith Ectoplasm from the Snapjaw Wraiths.
  • Concoctions II and III - 4 Wraith Fur and 2 Wraith Claws from the Deathball Wraiths, and 4 Wraith Ectoplasm from the Snapjaw Wraiths.
  • Concoctions IV, V, and VI - 4 Wraith Claws and 4 Wraith Fur from the Deathball Wraiths, and 6 Wraith Fangs from the Wind Rider Wraiths.

Once you've collected your ingredients, click on the ingredient list to make the potion:

4) Taelia has given a hint as to where to take each potion. For each clue, you will need to take potions to two locations (which is why you need two potions each time).

Taelias Concoction I
Taelias Concoction I

  • Clue: When one thing ceases to exist, another takes its place
  • Ingredients: 3x Wraith Ectoplasm
  • Use At: Giant Omelette and Giant Jelly

Taelias Concoction II
Taelias Concoction II

  • Clue: The right ingredients - and a tiny bit of magic - is all you need
  • Ingredients: 2x Wraith Fur
  • Use At: Soup Kitchen and Kitchen Quests

Taelias Concoction III
Taelias Concoction III

Taelias Concoction IV
Taelias Concoction IV

  • Clue: One Neopian's trash is another Neopian's treasure
  • Ingredients: 1x Wraith Claw, 1x Wraith Fur
  • Use At: Rubbish Dump and Money Tree

Taelias Concoction V
Taelias Concoction V

Taelias Concoction VI
Taelias Concoction VI

After that, continue following the instructions on our step-by-step walkthrough for what to do next.