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Wraiths are taking over Neopia!
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The Wraith Resurgence

The Faeries' Chest

Heads up! This activity is repeated multiple times. We recommend working from our step-by-step walkthrough and referring to this guide when needed.

After deciphering Kaia's murmurings and agreeing to help the light faerie you meet, you'll be presented with a chest.

Unlocking the Chest

1) Click on the "Play" button to begin.

To unlock the chest, you'll need to align the rotating locks. To align them, you must click as the locks pass by each other and touch, starting from the centermost rotating lock. You may click anywhere on the chest when the locks touch to link them up. Missing an alignment will unlock a previously locked lock.

The number of locks will increase with each successive step of the plot you complete:

  • Concoction I - 6 locks
  • Concoctions II and III - 8 locks
  • Concoctions IV, V, and VI - 10 locks

If you successfully align all of the locks with 4 or less "Misses", then you will unlock an achievement.

ACHIEVEMENT TIP: If you rack up more than 4 misses, refresh the page to reset the count. If you didn't get it the first time through, you may go back to the chest and try again.

2) After aligning all of the locks, there will be a pause as it processes and completes unlocking. The page will then pop up showing you a weapon.

Note that the weapons below are "No Trade" items (meaning it cannot be bought or sold from other players), and some previous plots have required using such items later in the plot to progress. To protect it from item stealing random events, we suggest immediately removing it from your inventory.

Faeries' Chest Weapon Rewards

Staff of Devilish Laughter

Reward from 1st Chest

Fiendish Key

Reward from 2nd Chest

Winged Palm Blade

Reward from 3rd Chest

3) After receiving your weapon, you will be redirected back to the location that Kaia's murmurings sent you, and you'll encounter a Wraith which can be fought in the Battledome!

Snapjaw Wraith


You suddenly notice a group of Snapjaw Wraith heading in your direction! Go FIGHT!!! Snapjaw Wraith gapes at you and SNAPS an oversized jaw at you. Does this restless monster sport a moehawk? no... that's part of its head.

When you complete the second round of the chest, you'll gain access to the Deathball Wraith:

Deathball Wraith


You suddenly notice a group of Deathball Wraith heading in your direction! Go FIGHT!!! This rotund, growly little wraith is full of energy as it bounces and bobs, looking for the right angle to pounce at you.

When you complete the third round of the chest, you'll gain access to the Wind Rider Wraith:

Wind Rider Wraith


You suddenly notice a group of Wind Rider Wraith heading in your direction! Go FIGHT!!! The Wind Rider hovers and swoops back and forth, its tiny but effective ruined wings keeping it aloft. If it could form proper words you might imagine it muttering "I'm Wraith, man..."

4) Continue following the instructions on our step-by-step walkthrough for what to do next.