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The Wraith Resurgence

Jellyneo's Wraith Resurgence Coverage


Unlike previous plots, the majority of the story for the Wraith Resurgence will be told via temporary dialogue boxes that appear on hub pages. Starting with the Faerie Festival, this is a record of the dialogue so far.

September 15, 2017

The first dialogue appeared on September 15th, 2017 in Faerieland, ahead of the Faerie Festival beginning:

Light Faerie: Queen Fyora! Did you call for us?

Fyora: Yes, I did. I was thinking about the festival the other day. It's been a while since we've had a grand celebration and I was wondering if we could have one this year. It would be nice to invite other Neopians as well.

Fire Faerie: Wait, the festival? The Faerie Festival? Can we really do that this year?

Fyora: I think we should. And I know how much you both used to enjoy organizing such events.

Light Faerie: We would love to organize the festival, my queen!

Fire Faerie: Yes, definitely!

Fyora: That's wonderful! Let me inform the others then...

Fire/Light Faerie: *almost out of earshot* We're on it!

September 17, 2017

Fyora: How are the preparations going?

Light Faerie: Oh, splendid! All the faeries seem really excited about it.

Fire Faerie: Yes, most of the stalls are already taken up.

Fyora: That's good to know. How about Kaia? Is she volunteering at any of the stalls?

Light Faerie: No, my queen. On the contrary, she's been staying away from all the preparations.

Fire Faerie: Yes. All the student vacancies have been filled. I don't think Kaia will be able to join in now.

Fyora: Could you please send her over to the palace when you find her?

Light Faerie: Yes, my queen. We will.

September 19, 2017

On September 19th, another new update was added along with a new Neopedia article for Kaia:

Fyora: Kaia! Come in, have a seat.

Kaia: You wished to see me, my queen?

Fyora: Yes. I'm sure you're aware of the preparations for the Faerie Festival that are going on. Which stall are you volunteering at?

Kaia: I... They all had volunteers, my queen. I couldn't find any stall where I could help at.

Fyora: Hmm, I thought so. Well, we'll need a stall for you then. I want you to go ahead and set up a game stall - something which is festive and fun to play. It would be a nice addition to the Faerie Festival.

Kaia: My own stall? But are you sure, my queen? Could I really do that?

Fyora: *smiling* Of course, I'm sure!

Kaia: Oh, I'm so excited! I'll get started immediately. I already have an idea in mind!

September 27, 2017

When the Faerie Festival closed, it was unexpectedly vandalised. On September 27th, the Queen posted the following message at the Festival grounds:

September 30, 2017

On September 30th, new dialogue was added to the Faerie Festival page:

Fyora: Have we got any leads?

Battle Faerie: I'm sorry, my queen. Nobody seems to know what happened here.

Angry Yurble: Queen Fyora! I saw what happened!

Battle Faerie: Really? We're pretty sure nobody was near the Festival grounds when it happened.

Fyora: Let him talk, Aethia.

Angry Yurble: I was passing by here on my way back from a friend's place. You won't believe what I saw, my queen, but the wraith did this!

October 4, 2017

Fyora: It can't be! Tell us everything you saw.

Angry Yurble: I get the reward, right?

Fyora: If you have any information that proves helpful, of course you do.

Angry Yurble: Well then, here's what happened...

This update also came with an animated video relating the Yurble's tale.

October 7, 2017

Aethia: I'm not sure I believe his story.

Fyora: What makes you say that?

Aethia: That isn't even what the wraith look like! Plus, our barrier spell! What about our barrier spell?!

Fyora: I'm afraid I can't agree with you. I have reason to believe he speaks the truth.

October 10, 2017

Fyora: I don't know if you noticed, but the plants in the land have begun to droop ever so slightly. It isn't much, but it is unmistakable. Something is draining the life force around us, and it looks very much like the darkness we have always associated with the wraith.

Aethia: But what about our barrier spell, Fyora?!

Fyora: I did a quick check before I came here - there were no obvious violations. But now that the Yurble has confirmed my fears, I'm going to take a closer look at it and see if there's something I missed.

Taelia: What do we do now, Queen Fyora?

Fyora: We must first find out where the wraith are spawning from and fight them before they can cause any more destruction. We must then work to repel the life-sucking forces they bring with them. We can then work together to find out how they were able to overcome the barrier spell, and what we must do to prevent this from happening again.

Aethia: I can't wait to get started!

October 13, 2017

More dialogue was added at the Faerie Festival on October 13th:

Taelia: But how do we find out where the wraith are going to attack next? We are powerful as faeries, but we have our limitations too.

Fyora: We have someone in our midst us who can help us. Kaia? Would you please step forward?

Kaia: Y... Yes, my queen...

Fyora: We must now put your skills to the test!

October 16, 2017

October 16th came with another update, which also included an update to Kaia's Neopedia entry about her mysterious ability:

Fyora: A few months ago, it was brought to my notice that Kaia has an exceptional power, gradually being revealed as she trained. I began observing her, and realized that with a little extra training, this young faerie can become a great asset to our kingdom. She foresaw the fire at the Academy Library well before it happened and came up to me, trembling and nearly incoherent. It took a while to understand what she was saying, but I finally did and we were able to save many lives by getting there before it could get out of hand.

Taelia: You mean, she has The Sight?!

Fyora: I have not determined how much her Sight encompasses, but she has repeatedly foreseen misfortunes since then.

Taelia: That's wonderful! I wish you had told us about this sooner, my queen.

October 19, 2017

The final update at the Faerie Festival came on October 19th:

Fyora: I had my reasons for not revealing her powers. In any case, I believe Kaia can assist us in finding out where the wraith are -

Aethia: And then our army can go and crush them!

Fyora: I expect you to take charge there, Aethia. Taelia, I want you to start working on potions that you think might come in handy in the days to come. With the wraith moving around in the land, I fear we might need help in replenishing the life force of affected beings.

Taelia: I'll get right to it, my queen.

Kaia: What would be required of me, Queen Fyora?

Fyora: You, my young faerie, will help save our land.

November 17, 2017

When the plot officially started on November 17th, additional dialogue was added to the main Wraith Resurgence page:

Fyora: Aethia, is your army ready?

Aethia All arrangements have been made. I will be taking your leave now, my queen. The enchanted map over there should help you observe our movements and guide us when needed.

Fyora: I will do that. Taelia, how is your research coming along?

Taelia: It's slow, but I'm making progress. I need something new to make these potions truly effective. I hope I can find something soon.

Fyora: Oh, Kaia's gone into a trance! We need to be on the lookout for this, and try to make sense of whatever she's murmuring.

Aethia: I've never seen anything like this before!

November 18, 2017

More dialogue appeared the following day on November 18th. However, this was later used again in a subsequent update, suggesting that it was released early in error:

Fyora: You say it turned into a Neopet?!

Aethia: I couldn't believe my eyes either, Fyora, but it looked like they were pets cursed to become wraith... or whatever that poor thing is now.

Fyora: That certainly explains how they got past the barrier spell! But we need to figure out how to lift the curse and cure them. Taelia, do you think you can concoct a potion that would heal them?

Taelia: There's no way we can approach them while they're wraith. Defeating them in battle seems to weaken the curse considerably-enough to reveal their true form, but not quite restore their former selves.

Fyora: If you can weaken them and bring them to me, I'm quite sure I can put together a potion that will heal them.

Aethia: Is there no way to do this without hurting the pets?

Fyora: If I can find out what the source of this dark magic is, I should be able to reverse its effects.

Fyora: We can try talking to the pets once they've recovered. They might also be able to shed more light on this.

November 29, 2017

New dialogue appeared following over a week of silence on November 29th:

Light Faerie: This is incredible! How are you using the remains of the wraith to create potions that work against the darkness they spread?

Taelia: I realized the wraith have powerful magic coursing through them, and it lingers in the remains the warriors are bringing back from battle. It's tricky, but I managed to reverse the nature of the magic while retaining its potency so that it works against itself.

Light Faerie: Then why can’t we just use the same magic to defeat the wraith?

Taelia: But how do we make them drink the potion?

Light Faerie: They don't have to! A few of us have come together to assist the warriors with special weapons that help take down the wraith – with your help, we can also try equipping them with this magic so that it works against the wraith they’re battling.

Taelia: I'll see what I can do.

December 6, 2017:

The dialogue from November 18th reappeared, however it had been altered slightly - suggesting that it was originally released earlier in error:

Fyora: You say they turned into Neopets?!

Aethia: I couldn't believe my eyes either, but it looked like they were pets cursed to become wraiths...or whatever those poor things are now.

Fyora: That certainly explains how they got past the barrier spell! But we need to figure out how to lift the curse and cure them.

Aethia: There's no way we can approach them while they're wraiths. Taelia's magic seems to weaken the curse considerably – enough to reveal their true forms, but not quite restore them to their former selves.

Taelia: If you can bring them to me once they’ve transformed, I can nurse them back to health.

Aethia: Is there no way to do this without hurting the pets?

Fyora: If I can get to the source of this dark magic, I should be able to reverse its effects.

Taelia: We can try talking to the pets once they’ve recovered. They might be able to shed more light on this.