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The Wraith Resurgence

Plot Updates

Fiendish Formations Day 7
  • Posted by Dave
  • Posted on February 15, 2018, 12:20 pm NST

Part 7 of Fiendish Formations is now live, with a required score of 5,500.

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maxgarou, 02/15/2018, 12:22 pm NST
Got it.
Don't know why, but today I felt this was a bit more confusing. Maybe it was the ammount of tiles.

xfer, 02/15/2018, 12:33 pm NST
Yeah, it was a bit confusing. Not sure what it was, but I'd guess I saw more decoys than the other days.

turtleherder, 02/15/2018, 12:45 pm NST
in a glitch I got the final prize for beating them all on the same day....... green apple, I kid you not I had to take a screenshot because it was so ridiculous.

matjamhar, 02/15/2018, 12:48 pm NST
Ugh, I forgot to do Day 6 last night before I went to bed, panicked at noon, realized they hadn't released Day 7 yet, managed to finish it, but 2 minutes after the release of today.

drzoidberg, 02/15/2018, 12:58 pm NST
Again - thank you for these reminders!

grandwolfmon, 02/15/2018, 1:08 pm NST
just one more day... -it is getting so confusing-

grandwolfmon, 02/15/2018, 1:08 pm NST
just one more day... -it is getting so confusing-

jweb, 02/15/2018, 1:13 pm NST
@grandwolfmon it shows

cloonshannagh, 02/15/2018, 1:35 pm NST
I am thinking of ways to reward the creator of FF. Tar and feathers is just not enough!

purplebin, 02/15/2018, 1:48 pm NST
A new avatar image has been found, maybe the one we get for finishing all the FF on the first day?

topaz644, 02/15/2018, 1:53 pm NST
@purplebin Oh that's a nice avatar! Clean and simple (I'm tired of the full length movie avies)

sp4de, 02/15/2018, 2:17 pm NST
Aww the avvie is adorable.

dolchay, 02/15/2018, 2:40 pm NST
wish they would change the color of the avvie, not a fan of the color at all

rather it be purple or green

1jediboy, 02/15/2018, 3:40 pm NST
Imitates Josh Nichols: One more day to go! ONE!

inkpot, 02/15/2018, 5:02 pm NST
it's annoying because sometimes when i pause the game the wraith will continue to attack my pieces. =o=

fennox, 02/15/2018, 5:13 pm NST
@1jediboy i'm so happy 1 One 1... only one

inkpot, 02/15/2018, 5:15 pm NST
okay, i got the green apple as well... i wasn't paying attention to which achievements i was clicking on and... did i just screw myself? should i be sending in a ticket or just wait for it to be fixed itself since others seem to be getting the same problem...?

also i actually love that avatar. simple is best. very pleased.

purplebin, 02/15/2018, 6:11 pm NST
Once again TNT is taking 4 days off for a 3-day weekend.
So anything that's not fixed now, or glitches before Tuesday, is just going to have to wait.
They've released the new Chia Day outfit early, but not the colors.

topaz644, 02/15/2018, 6:28 pm NST
4 days?
Netdragon holiday. Chinese New Year

1jediboy, 02/15/2018, 6:30 pm NST
Imitates Josh Nichols: PINCH ME!

purplebin, 02/15/2018, 7:24 pm NST
The news also says the newest Wonderclaw Machine is retiring soon, but I imagine they mean the oldest one.

mavegibson, 02/15/2018, 8:05 pm NST
Tips for FF:

1] Keep hitting reset until you get a game board you feel comfortable with. One that has the pieces laid out in a way that is easy to manage and that has a lot of axe icons. There is no penalty and it only resets that level - not the whole game.

2] When the wraith destroys a piece, immediately replace it and then go back to what you were doing. If you don't, you will be stuck wasting time trying to figure out what pieces need to be replaced later.

3] Work your way across the board in one direction, replacing those destroyed pieces as they are removed. You can then be confident that your board is accurate up to where you are working.

4] Memorize the number of clicks it takes for each piece and just quickly do that number of clicks for each piece rather than deciding based on looking at the tiles, which will take longer.

It's actually a pretty easy game if you do it this way.

purplebin, 02/15/2018, 8:20 pm NST
Many people also report that adjusting the zoom so the board is smaller is a big help.
I'm going to try that tomorrow .

gamer_5_55_555, 02/15/2018, 9:44 pm NST
Also keep in mind you can make some mistakes, and still get the high score. Even if you don't, it's still good practice

inuyashaohki, 02/15/2018, 10:34 pm NST
They really need to break down their events. Seemingly endless battle event, needlessly tedious puzzle event, needlessly frustrating game event, all separated so people can participate in what they like and not in what they hate. Instead, they roll them together in events like this that hardly anyone likes.

majacal, 02/15/2018, 10:58 pm NST
Something Has Happened!
You are now eligible to use ' Fiendish Formations ' as an avatar on the NeoBoards.

Achievement should not be available until all 8 days are done. But it was available to me today.

chibiaden14, 02/15/2018, 11:20 pm NST
I know I won't get the avatar. Haven't one a single day since day one. But them again, I'm done with this tedious and boring plot

mistyraider, 02/16/2018, 6:09 am NST
I like plots, but this has been so unevenly paced, it will be a relief to have it done.
However, there are still those scrolls on Kaia's desk which so far (as I can remember) haven't been clickable. Is this another thing we'll be required to do or are they just decorative?

bertvg, 02/16/2018, 7:37 am NST
Is there anyy way to play it on low quality? Day 7 is lagging ridiculously hard for some reason and the lag makes FF actually unplayable.

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