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Techo Says

Techo Says Information
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Techo Says was the first game made by Neopets, ever. Techo Says was put to rest in the Game Graveyard for three years before being restored to its former glory and brought back at Game #1000. For celebrating the wonderful occasion, TNT decided not to update any of the original art. :P Techo Says is a very simple game and has a nice Neopoint payout in the end, so if you play your cards right you can easily get your 3000 Neopoints a day from here. So let's dive right into it!

Techo Says Game Board


You don't have to be a rocket scientist to be able to play Techo Says. All you have to do is watch a new pet that will pop up each new round and you must be able to recall the exact sequence of each pet that popped up in the correct order. All you have to do to select a pet is, you guessed it, click it. There are 10 "difficulty levels" in Techo Says and each new level you have to pass 5 more rounds, so if you were to beat the game you would have passed 275 rounds! Once you've been shown a sequence of Neopets popping up, you have ten seconds to repeat the sequence back to the game.

The One And Only Foolproof Way NOT To Lose!

After spending many, many years crunching the numbers, working out all the scenarios and checking and rechecking all of my equations, I have come up with the most ingenious plan that can almost guarantee you will not lose a game of Techo Says ever again. I'm here now to share this top-secret method with you and I hope you will use it wisely. To start this is what you're going to need:

  • A piece of paper OR your favourite text editor (Notepad, Microsoft Word, TextEdit, etc.)
  • Pen/Pencil if you're using paper
  • A lot of time

First look at the image below and notice how I have put a number by each pet, each number corresponds with a pet. You can probably do the first two or three rounds from memory but in order to do this method right you will need to start right from the beginning. Now listen closely here young grasshopper, do exactly as the following instructions say, and I guarantee you'll be a Techo Says expert before you can say iwishtechosayshadnicergraphics.

Say the first pet that pops up is the Moehog, you'll write down the number 6 as that is the number that corresponds with the Moehog. If, for example, the next five pets that pop up are the Chia, Quiggle, Blumaroo, Chia, and Moehog, written/typed down you should have the numbers (in this order) 6, 1, 4, 2, 1, 6. Using those numbers to correspond with the image you'll be able to click the entire sequence without memorizing ANYTHING! Now as the rounds progress the pets will pop up at faster intervals, so the key is just to remember what the last pet was to pop up and you'll be set.

Techo Says Numbered Board
It's just so easy!

Final Thoughts

As you may have figured out quickly, Techo Says can get boring, very, very fast. I'd recommend Techo Says to any new Neopets player because this game is very, very simple and is a good way to get your toes wet into the world of Neopets games. While it may not be the most fun or visually-appealing game on Neopets, if you're craving that elusive, shiny trophy on your user lookup this may be the game to go for it! If you start your game at 20-30 minutes before midnight NST you should get a fairly high score shortly after midnight and hopefully it'll be good enough to top the high scores table! Good luck!

Spin Me!I can play Techo Says anywhere!Up and down and up and down.
Finally! My own portable Techo Says Game!

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