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Tale of Woe Plot Coverage

Day 9: November 14th

NOTE: Be sure that you hit 'Continue' after each step. If you don't it won't be registered that you've completed that step!

1. Go to the Meepit Oaks Sanitorium. You'll enter the lobby where there is a desk with some papers on it. Click on the lamp and three pieces of paper, as shown on the following image:

If you click on the lamp, you get the following:

You pull on the lamp until the last rusted bolt breaks free of the floor.

If you click on the paper, you get the following:

Gilly: Hm, what's this? Some kind of journal page. How convenient! Perhaps I should read it.

2. Click on your Quest Inventory and then click on "Journal Page 4".

The fourth journal entry reads...

Lucy's journal, 11th day of Storing:

Good news, these last few days! On the evening of the eighth, we received a knock on our door. We opened it to find one Dr. Edward Alexander, sent from Neopia Central, to aid us. He gave his regrets that no more assistance could be sent, but he has done us wonders.

In the days before he arrived, the inmates became even more violent and aggressive than usual. Miles suffered several cuts when a mad Skeith managed to claw his arm, and I myself had been bruised several times when one inmate or another managed to break free of his restraints and knock me aside. Thankfully, Dr. Valus and Miles managed to restrain the inmates each time.

Nonetheless, we were on the edge of exhaustion when Dr. Alexander arrived. He brought with him an elixir, so he called it, that had been recently developed and would help to calm our inmates. It worked like a miracle; we mixed it with the inmates' food, and within a day, they had all become subdued and peaceable. We have spent the last two days resting as much as possible, to restore our energies, now that the inmates do not take so much of our energy to manage.

Dr. Alexander is a remarkable man. Handsome, and with the most striking yellow eyes. He is every bit as charming as Dr. Valus; even more so, I suppose, for he has not spent the last eleven days wearing himself out. I find myself drawn to him, and I think Dr. Valus may be getting a little bit jealous.

This morning, in fact, Dr. Alexander told me that he was very impressed with how I had held up during this crisis, and said that most nurses he knew would never have been able to hold out so long. He presented me with a beautiful violet flower that seems to glow even when not in sunlight, and is positively radiant when it is so illuminated. I don't know where he found it, but he assures me that it is a magic flower and will never need water or sunlight in order to thrive. I suspect it is a bit of poetic license on his part, but I cannot say that I mind.

Despite Dr. Alexander's presence having saved us from disaster, we certainly cannot continue on with only four staff -- and who knows how long Dr. Alexander will be able to stay? Soon we must find new orderlies and nurses to replace our missing staff, who are clearly not returning.

Now go back to the room you were just in and click on one of the two doors to go to the hallway.

3. Next, you'll need to click around the Asylum looking for a room with zombies in it. It's different for everyone, so you'll have to wander around your rooms and get a feel for where everything is. There are only around 6 different sets of doors, so it's not incredibly difficult. Taking a piece of paper and drawing a little visual is also very helpful.

Once you find the room with zombies in it, click on any zombie.

You bludgeon the zombies with the lamp, forcing them to flee!
Gilly: Thanks for the idea, Bruno!

4. After defeating the zombies, click on the piece of paper on the floor, along with the pocket of the janitor skeleton. You should now have a shiny key.

Ooh, shiny!

A journal entry!

The third journal entry reads...

Lucy's journal, 8th day of Storing:

I have not had time to write in a while, for we have been extraordinarily busy. Dr. Valus returned on the evening of the first, as promised, to report that Neovia was entirely deserted. It was as if the entire town had simply vanished into thin air. One house, he said, had been ransacked and burned, but the rest were untouched.

As a result, for the last week, Dr. Valus, Miles, and I have represented the entire staff of Meepit Oaks. We are exhausted beyond belief; we barely have time to feed and wash the inmates, and there has been no time for any form of psychiatric treatment. We have had to dragoon Miles into working as an orderly, keeping the inmates physically restrained while we feed them or change their clothing. Due to his lack of experience, on several occasions an inmate has almost broken loose; only Miles's brute strength (for he is rather large) has kept them in check.

We have sent for help, but have no idea if or when it will arrive. The sooner, the better, for we are bound to make a mistake sooner or later and let one of the inmates free. If that happens, I fear for our lives.

Again, exit the room by clicking on one of the two doors.

5. Next, you need to again wander around the asylum (using the map you made earlier!) to find the storage closet seen below. Once you're there, click on the note on the cabinet, click on the doctor's two pockets, and finally click on the lock on the cabinet. (You're clicking on four places!)

Yuck! A rusty old key!

Another journal entry!

The second journal entry reads...

Lucy's journal, 1st day of Storing:

It is late afternoon, and we are all quite worried. None of the other staff have returned from Neovia this day. Dr. Kirkbride and Dr. Heeler should both have been here by noon at the latest, not to mention some of the other nurses and orderlies.

I only find time to write now because Miles and I have just finished feeding lunch to the inmates. Dr. Valus has set off for Neovia to see if he can find any of the other staff; he should be back by nightfall.

Miles's pet Zomutt has been staring out the windows all day, growling quietly. He even barked at Miles and tried to bite him once when the janitor approached the beast, but Miles was able to calm him down. I don't know what's gotten into him.

For my part, I am very worried. What could have happened to the rest of the staff? If we do not receive relief soon, we may be overwhelmed.

Dr. Valus - I put a lock on the supply cabinet like you asked, so that Dr. Kirkbride will stop stealing gardening supplies. I've got the key. Let me know if you need it. - Miles

Once you've opened up the cabinet, click on the shovel.

Ah, this brings back memories of Day 5...

Exit the room by clicking on the door next to the cabinet.

6. Go to the central courtyard/garden area (the outside place). Each of the four doors there leads to a hallway with 6 doors. In one of the hallways, there'll be a room with an angry zomutt that is guarding a locked gate. You must visit this room first, and pick up the journal before proceeding.

The first journal entry reads...

Lucy's journal, 31st day of Collecting:

Tonight is Halloween. Most of the staff have gone home to Neovia, leaving only myself, Dr. Valus, and the janitor, Miles, overseeing the patients for the night. I hope that all goes well, and I think between the three of us, we can manage.

The inmates are quiet at the moment, as it is late. I have drawn the first shift; Dr. Valus and Miles are resting, but of course I can rouse them should I need assistance. Miles's pet Zomutt has been snuffling around, making a minor nuisance of himself; earlier today, I found him burying a bone in the courtyard -- goodness knows where he found it -- and chased him away. I don't know why Miles keeps that horrid creature around, but it seems to obey him, and the doctors tolerate it, so I must as well, even though I am head nurse.

The most exciting news of late is that I had dinner with Dr. Valus earlier tonight. It wasn't a date, exactly, but I feel and hope that things are headed in that direction. He is quite charming when he's not distracted with diagnosing the insane.

One last thing: the asylum newsletter contained a devilishly difficult anagram puzzle this week. I can't solve it, but I've written it down here for future reference.


7. Once you've visited that room, head back to the garden area and click on the highlighted area below.

A dirty old bone! Yuck!

You will then see that the bone is peeking through the ground in the garden area. Click it again to pick it up.

8. After digging up your bone, take it to the Zomutt, where you should know exactly where it is because it is on your map! Click on Ol' Killer to give him the bone!

Yum! Yum!

9. Once the Zomutt is in the corner eating his bone, click on the tiny lock of the gate that he was once blocking. You'll find yourself in a row of doors. Clicking on each one will reveal a rather bloody cell door... How freaky.

10. Find the door with a journal entry beneath it. Click on the entry. Then, click on the lock of the door to open it and look inside...

Yes, that's real blood, kids!

The fifth journal entry reads...

Lucy's journal, 13th day of Storing:

Disaster has struck. I write this from within one of our very own cells, having been locked here by the inmates. I only pray that someone will release me before it is too late.

On the afternoon of the eleventh, Dr. Valus saw the flower that Dr. Alexander had given me. He asked where I had gotten it, and I told him. This seemed to infuriate him, and he would not speak to me except in short, clipped tones the rest of the day. He was very agitated every time I saw him.

The next morning, I was awoken by Miles, the janitor, who told me to come quick. It seemed that one of the inmates had escaped from his cell. Dr. Valus had, apparently, gone to feed the inmates alone, and said that this particular inmate had broken from his restraints, attacked him, and fled into the asylum. Despite myself, I suspect that Dr. Valus may have still been upset about the flower Dr. Alexander gave me, and made an error in judgment when setting the inmate's restraints.

Dr. Valus insists, of course, that he made no mistake, and that the inmate simply broke free. I doubted this, for the inmates had all been calm and passive ever since Dr. Alexander began feeding them his elixir; but Dr. Valus said that he had not seen Dr. Alexander since the previous morning, and so the inmates had not received the elixir in almost a full day.

Dr. Alexander was still nowhere to be found, and I feared something terrible had happened to him, especially if the escaped inmate came upon him alone in the asylum. Dr. Valus, Miles, and myself searched the asylum as a single party, trying to find the escaped inmate. However, our doom was already sealed. Upon our third circuit of the cellblock, we discovered the several more cells had been opened, and the inmates escaped. Dr. Valus decided that it was time to flee the asylum, but it was too late.

A dozen or more inmates descended upon us in a fury. They dragged us away from one another, describing the horrible things they would do to us. I feel lucky, at least, that they only threw me in a cell and locked the door. For a while I feared they would return to torment me, but after a while, the asylum grew silent, and it seemed they had escaped into the Haunted Woods.

I sit here, now, lucky that I carried a pen and a last sheet of paper with me, so that I can document what has happened. The flower that Dr. Alexander gave me shows no sign of wilting, and so I suppose it is as magical as he claimed. It is my only companion, now, and the only memory I have of any brief happiness I felt in these last two weeks.

The rusty key works in the lock, opening the cell door.

You have now finished Day 9 of the Haunted Woods Plot! If you need help, or would like to discuss the upcoming parts, check out the forum discussion. You can also continue on to Day 10's steps.