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Tale of Woe Plot Coverage

Day 3: October 13th

Chapter 3 of the "A Tale of Woe" story is up. Read it here.

After reading, you can begin the plot!

NOTE: If you get a 404 error when you visit the Shack, it means that you have not successfully completed Part I of the plot. Check out our walkthrough to make sure you have done all the steps.

1. Go to the Shack and read the conversation.

2. Click the button that says "Begin searching for Ilere". You will come to a woodland maze. More or less, the layout of the maze is different for everyone. The spinning icon at the top indicates that the map is loading, but it also hints to what item you will be collecting for this part of the maze. It is recommended that you make a map of your maze, so you don't waste time clicking around aimlessly. What you want to find is a stick:

See it at the corner of the path? Once you find it, click it to pick it up. Then there should be a little gray block with an arrow in the middle. That's your inventory. If you click it you'll see the stick:

3. Once you have the stick, you want to find a two-headed Hissi:

Grab the stick from the inventory by clicking on it, and then click the Hissi. You will get the following message:

You jab the left Hissi head with the pointy stick. 'You did not poke me.' the head declares. 'That didn't hurt. You're not holding a stick.' Clearly that's the head that lies, so you should probably go down the other path."

4. Click the Hissi again. This will take you to a blue version of the forest known as "The High Woods."

5. You need to now go along each path, collecting vines. There are 30 vines in total--it is recommended that you collect all 30 vines. You can check on the number of vines you have by clicking on the grey arrow on the bottom right side of your map. Here's what it should look like:

6. Head to a clearing with grey trees on the ground. It should look like this, (note that you can have a different number of trees on either side of the "hill"):

Remove ALL of your vines from your inventory EXCEPT a set of 6, like so:

It's a good idea to arrange your other vines in organized piles on the forest floor.

Now click on the hill area as indicated by the first screenshot for step 6. You want to be taken to another screen with this message on it:

"You spend a few minutes weaving the vines you've collected into a rope. You tie your rope to a tree and toss it over the cliff. Your rope is barely strong enough! It'll stupport Bruno's weight, but you probably shouldn't leave him on it too long. But your rope isn't long enough! You should go find more vines to add to it."

You should also be shown your rope. Click on the "X" to return to the forest again:

If you get a different message, remove all the vines from your inventory, pick up a different set of 6 vines, and click the hill area again to check.

Once you are given the desired message, pick up another vine, and click the hill area again to check that you are still being given the "Your rope is barely long enough!" message, and that you can still see your rope's progress. Keep repeating this process one vine at a time. If you get another message, (saying "Perhaps you need stronger vines"), then remove the vine you just added and pick up a different type of vine.

With every correct addition, it should show your rope getting longer:

When your rope is finally long enough, you will be taken to a brown version of the forest called "The Deep Woods."

7. Wander around and you will soon encounter a Ghost Meepit. Click on it to try to take it and you will receive this message:

"You approach the Ghost Meepit and reach out for it... but it sees you coming and flees into the woods!"

After this, you must play a game of Meepit Juice Break and score 300+ points. You will then get 'Meepit Juice' in your quest inventory.

Meepit Juice

8. You now should go back to your maze and find a Ghost Meepit. Click on the juice from your quest inventory and then click on the Meepit. You should then get this message:

"You try to feed the Meepit Juice to the Ghost Meepit... but the juice falls right through its body! The Ghost Meepit flees into another part of the woods. Sophie thinks for a second and says, "You know, I could turn that Meepit Juice into Ghost Meepit Juice. Then maybe they might drink it." She pulls a small vial from her robes and adds its contents to the Meepit Juice. After a moment, it turns ghostly."

You now have Ghost Meepit Juice.

Ghost Meepit Juice

9. Now, find seven Ghost Meepits and use the Ghost Meepit Juice on them. If you click on the Meepit without first clicking on the Ghost Meepit Juice, it will run away from you! You will get this message every time if you do things correctly:

"You try to feed the Ghost Meepit Juice to the Ghost Meepit... and it works! The Ghost Meepit greedily drinks down the juice. Then it starts following you, creepy eyes staring."

You now have your very own Ghost Meepit posse following you around!

After finding your seven Ghost Meepits, navigate yourself through the forest to a dark clearing with a stone door wedged between two trees and seven spots of light on the ground:

When you find this place, click on the Ghost Meepit picture in your inventory and click on a spot of light. Once you have done this, the rest of the Meepits should appear on the lights. Now your job is to make them perform their Ghost Meepit Dance. How? Click on one Meepit and then click on another to make them switch places. If a Meepit is on the correct light, it will be dancing (it is obvious when this happens, because the Meepit will be animated). Once you get a Meepit to dance, do not make it change places with another Meepit. The happy Meepits are only one space away from the right spot, the plain, staring Meepits are two spaces away, and the sad Meepits are more than two spaces away. Continue moving the Meepits around until they all dance.

Happy Meepit | Staring Meepit | Sad Meepit

You will then be taken to the concluding page:

What a creepy tree.

Let's be be careful in there, huh? Ilere's very powerful, and not necessarily friendly toward visitors.

Well seeing as how it was so hard to find this place, a little hospitality is the least she could do.

Do you expect trouble?

I always expect trouble. That way I'm pleasantly surprised when nothing goes wrong.

Then let's go inside!

You have now finished Day 3 of the Haunted Woods Plot! If you need help, or would like to discuss the upcoming parts, check out the forum discussion. You can also continue on to Day 4's steps.