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Tale of Woe Plot Coverage

Day 1: October 6th

Prologue Part III of the "A Tale of Woe" story is up. Read it here.

After reading, you can begin the plot!

1. Go to the wanderer camp and click on the button that says "Follow the creepy path past the edge of the camp..." You'll end up in Neovia!

2. Click on the building just above and to the right of the old t-shirt shop (as indicated in the above screenshot).

3. At the house, you need to locate a Charred Locket. Click around the house in the places below (with a red circle) to try and find it. It's in a different red circle for everyone!

You'll know if you've "searched" the place indicated by the red circles above if you get a zoomed-in picture of the area:

4. Once you find the locket, you'll be given a link to your quest items page, and the locket will be displayed.

5. Go to the Deserted Fairgrounds and and head for Coconut Shy. Try refreshing the page first to see if extra text comes out on the bottom of the page. If that doesn't happen, play a game of Coconut Shy. Then refresh the page and scroll down to the bottom to see a conversation between Gilly and Leeroy. Next, visit the Corkgun Gallery, Scratchcard Kiosk, and Bagatelle for similar conversations.

Note: If you are under 13 years of age, you may get a "This game is unavailable" notice at the Scratchcard Kiosk. If refreshing the page does not give you the conversation, try sending in a bug report to The Neopets Team.

6. Look for these key words in your conversations, then visit the places in order.

i) "Why, certainly, little miss..."
ii) "I haven't seen such metalwork in..."
iii) "That piece of junk?"
iv) "It looks familiar..."

For example, if Ssidney (from Scratchcards) says "Why certainly, little miss...", then you'll need to go back and visit him first. If he says "That piece of junk?", you'll have to visit him third. The order will be different for everyone.

7. After going in the correct order, on the fourth conversation, Gilly says something extra: "Well, it's clear no one around here is going to help me. I wonder if there might be someone deeper in the woods who could identify this locket."

Having trouble seeing Gilly's message?
- Make sure you do not have a Deserted Fairground Scratchcard in your inventory
- Try visiting the first place, then clicking on the "Back to the Fairground" button, then going to the second place and clicking on the same button, etc., (if you're leaving the Scratchcard Kiosk, click on the "leave now" link), or
- Try refreshing the page at each place, or
- Try closing your browser window and opening a new one, or
- Try clearing out your Internet cookies, history, and temporary Internet files

8. Go back to Neovia and you will find another place to click, a path leading to the Spooky Shack.

You have now finished Day 1 of the Haunted Woods Plot! If you need help, or would like to discuss the upcoming parts, check out the forum discussion. You can also continue on to Day 2's steps.