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Phase 1: Finding Parts

Part #1

Location: 30-k-a-Day Sponsor Game List
Question: Some sponsor games take less time to get NP. Willie was kind enough to mark them with a colour. Which colour is that?
Answers: green, b9fa43, #b9fa43

Part #2

Location: Neopets Chat Acronyms
Question: You're on the Neoboards (maybe this is years later) and happen to mention that you're using a Jade Scorchstone for your Battledome endeavours. Someone else responds telling you that an LEV is a better choice. Having no idea what an LEV is, you look on Jellyneo and find out it means what?
Answers: leaded elemental vial

Part #3

Location: Almost Abandoned Attic
Question: In Neopian Standard Time (NST) it happens to be 4:11:53 AM on a Sunday. How many minutes must you wait for the next POTENTIAL restock time at the Almost Abandoned Attic?
Answers: 2, 2 minutes, 2 min, two

Part #4

Location: Neopets Avatar Solutions
Question: How long must you have a Snowbunny equipped to a pet in order to get the Whee! avatar? Remember to include the word 'days' in your answer.
Answers: 364 days, 364d, 364 d, 31449600 seconds, 524160 minutes, 8736 hours

Part #5

Location: Cellblock
Question: When going for a silver trophy in Cellblock, you must get far indeed. You must not only complete ten tournaments, but on the eleventh tournament, you must complete which level to get your silver trophy?
Answers: 4, level 4, lvl 4, lvl. 4, four

Part #6

Location: Master Cheats List
Question: When playing an underwater game with a treasure collecting Koi, what must be typed to get an extra life?
Answers: 1morekarpohplease

Part #7

Location: Your Neopets Dailies
Question: Jellyneo offers you an easy way to do your dailies. Name the service.
Answers: dailies do-er, do-er, dailies do er

Part #8

Location: Donate to Jellyneo
Question: Jellyneo sometimes asks for donations to keep the site online and functioning. How much did they ask for during 2010 (in US Dollars)?
Answers: $1500, 1500, $1500.00, 1500.00, $1,500, 1,500, $1,500.00, 1,500.00

Part #9

Location: Neopian Economics 101
Question: A lot of people call items 'unbuyable.' An item must be over how many NP in order to be considered unbuyable?
Answers: 99999, 99,999, 99,999 np, 99999 np

Part #10

Location: Editorial Database
Question: Both Jellyneo and Neopets have editorials, where lots of useful information can be found. When searching in our database, you can search by Question Only, Answer Only, Both Questions and Answers, JN Question ID, and what?
Answers: issue number, issue

Part #11

Location: Loyal User Perks
Question: There are benefits to having an older account on Neopets as you should know by now. When your account becomes 60 months old, which title on the Neoboards do you gain the ability to use?
Answers: team diamonds

Part #12

Location: Jellyneo F.A.Q.
Question: While visiting Jellyneo's Item Database, you notice the price for an item is wrong. You go to submit an error report but realise this is not the right thing to do. What should you submit instead?
Answers: price report, a price report

Part #13

Location: Faerie Caves II
Question: It's always nice when a game guide has level maps and doesn't force you to read the solution. In the level 'Boulder Hill,' how many tiles with dynamite are there? (Both red and green count!)
Answers: 5, 5 tiles, five

Part #14

Location: Help with Neoboard Fonts
Question: Neoboard fonts - neat! The fonts provided by Jellyneo come with two types of code: signature code and what?
Answers: neohtml code, neohtml, neo html

Part #15

Location: The History of JN
Question: In 2006, Jellyneo had its second JN plot. While there wasn't officially a name for it, what was the nickname given?
Answers: slimy slorgs unite, slimy slorgs attack

Part #16

Location: Invaders of Meridell
Question: What a complicated game, good thing the guide is so long. Battles and Missions... that's how the game is divided, but how many Battles are there in total?
Answers: 30, thirty

Part #17

Location: Kookia
Question: In this petpet-oriented game, what is the maximum number of points you can get in Hard mode from a single Kookith?
Answers: 800, 800 points, 800 pts

Part #18

Location: New Game Challenge
Question: If you played the New Game Challenge game on January 21st, 2010 and submitted a score of 23,480, which prize could you get?
Answers: paint your own sandan set

Part #19

Location: Packrat Items Master List
Question: Getting the Packrat avatar sure does require a lot of items. On the list of suggested items, there's only one Quest Item that starts with the letter M. What is it?
Answers: mud mixture

Part #20

Location: Pet Poser
Question: There was a time when Neopets looked different and this poser was more useful. It's still nice for admiring older art, though. If you were looking at a species/colour combination and wanted to see an image for the Defended, Ranged Attack, Hit,or Close Attack poses, which Position might you choose?
Answers: battledome - left, battledome - right, battledome-left, battledome-right

Part #21

Location: Project Wishing Well Theories
Question: With all the ado about the Wishing Well avatar, people started collecting theories. Based on findings, if you were to donate 6,985 NP to the Wishing Well while wishing for "All is Well", would you get the avatar?
Answers: no

Part #22

Location: Quests of Neopia
Question: All these pesky Neopian characters come around from time to time asking you to bring them items for rewards. What kind of item do you have to get to earn the reward from a Light Faerie quest?
Answers: trading card, trading cards

Part #23

Location: Random Themes
Question: From time to time, TNT randomly decides to make a day have a theme. February 27th, 2008 was one such day. What was the theme?
Answers: keyring, keyrings, keyring day, keyrings day

Part #24

Location: Random Events - Bad
Question: Dr. Sloth's associates may steal 20% of your current Neopoint holdings, but the angry Tax Beast steals an even more fearsome amount. What percentage of your Neopoints will it steal?
Answers: 25, 25%

Part #25

Location: Account Safety
Question: Jellyneo has quite a few tips on account safety. At a minimum, how many characters should your password be, according the article?
Answers: 8, 8 characters, eight, eight characters

Part #26

Location: Sewage Surfer
Question: In order to earn Neopoints by playing this game starring a Wocky, you must score over how many points?
Answers: 5000, 5,000, 5000 points, 5,000 points

Part #27

Location: Side Account F.A.Q.s
Question: Having a side account can be a bit confusing. Of the following activities only one is okay to do on a side account: visit the Giant Omelette, get an item from a Tarla Toolbar Alert, visit the Giant Jelly, collect the free 150 NC. Which one is okay? State your answer exactly as it is typed in the list.
Answers: collect the free 150 nc, collect the free 150 nc.

Part #28

Location: Staff Listing
Question: Jellyneo staff feels that it is important to have some basic information available. At a minimum, each staffer's position, staff name, age, forum name and one other detail is provided. What is that detail?
Answers: gender

Part #29

Location: The Neopian Stock Market
Question: Nigel the Chia can't offer his services for free. How much NP does it cost you to perform a transaction involving selling stock?
Answers: 20np, 20 np, 20, twenty, twenty np

Part #30

Location: Tangor's Workshop
Question: Wandering around Moltara, you may have noticed the presence of colourful worms. Finding the entire set and putting them in a lantern allows you to traverse The Dark Cave and find what item?
Answers: red moltite

Part #31

Location: Tarla's Tour Of Mystery
Question: Tarla took a tour this summer and offered to clear mist if you could find her. On which day of May was it first possible to have cleared all 16 pieces of mist?
Answers: 23rd, the 23rd, may 23rd, 23, may 23

Part #32

Location: Top Chop
Question: At times, Katsuo wants to chop a block but he can't because a petpetpet is in the way. What is the species of that petpetpet?
Answers: moffit, a moffit

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