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Soda Wars: The Refreshment Done

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    Soda Wars: The Refreshment Due - Day 5
    • Posted by Michael Blumaroomberg
    • Posted on August 12, 2010, 12:00 am NST


    While according to spokespersons, an adequate amount of supplies have been collected and Jellyneo administration should begin the process of finalising manufacturing licenses, official sources say otherwise. A surly systems inspector dispatched by FSMO to assess progress has deemed the current quantities of ingredients possessed by all three conglomerates as "woefully deficient." The most promising assessment the inspector gave was towards BoCap: "Although all three conglomerates fail to meet industry standards and risk falling flat, Bottle Caps LLC shows the most promise with supplies, bordering on only 'marginally insufficient.'"

    A late night press conference revealed that the conglomerates remain optimistic about their prospects. 2PE released the following statement: "Two Pack Enterprises may be lagging behind both FFG and BoCap in volunteer numbers, but our helpers have shown they can hold their own. We're lacking about 600 boxes of ingredients, but we feel that by the end of the day, ourselves and our competitors will be receiving signed sealed manufacturing licenses and progressing as planned." Jellyneo staff refused to comment outside of a single word: "Friday."

    In other news, the Soda Makers Union Group (SMUG), which is comprised of all soda factory workers in Jellytown, is on strike. They're demanding more flexible hours and less harsh treatment from factory foremen. While negotiations take place, conglomerates will be looking for help from you once again for the intricate soda manufacturing process.

    If you're just hearing about this soda crisis, it's never too late to join the event!

    Soda Wars: The Refreshment Due - Day 3 & Day 4
    • Posted by Michael Blumaroomberg
    • Posted on August 11, 2010, 12:13 am NST

    Essential Ingredients

    The conglomerates have ordered lots and lots of ingredients for their different brands of staff soda. Unfortunately, disaster has struck and they've lost some valuable item information! Can you help them turn their luck around? For more details on how you can help out, visit The Soda Plot.

    Tomorrow, each conglomerate will take inventory and see if they can move on to the next phase.
    Soda Wars: The Refreshment Due - Day 2
    • Posted by Jim Acaramer
    • Posted on August 9, 2010, 5:00 pm NST

    Parts Of The Search

    All three conglomerates wish to express their thanks to the hardworking users of Jellyneo who have helped them find parts. A sufficient number have been found by now and permits have been issued to FFG, 2PE and BoCap. Those who have found 24 parts can proceed to the next step which will be released at 5:00am NST tomorrow. If you haven't found that many, you'll need to keep hunting for them until you have 24, because the conglomerates would like to have stockpiles of spare parts.

    If you are just discovering this event and would like to participate, you must first make sure you have a jnAccount. If you don't, you can register for one for free. Log in to your jnAccount and go to the Services Portal to sign up for Soda Wars: The Refreshment Due! Then join one of the three competing companies by visiting the Soda Plot page (each company has its own advantage over the other two; these are mentioned if you hover over a company's logo).

    After that, you can start on the first phase. Be sure to read past news posts for instructions, tips, and hints!

    Important Note For Everyone

    This is a team based competition. In the end, only one company will come out on top. The soda making process can also get extremely complicated. There will be times when you will have to think for yourself, with minimal hints or guidance from us.

    When doing the various puzzles and challenges, whether it be searching for factory parts or something else, please do not manipulate parts of the web address (or URL) to see if you can get extra items, as this will not work and could get you disqualified.
    Soda Wars: The Refreshment Due - Day 1 & Day 2
    • Posted by Jim Acaramer
    • Posted on August 9, 2010, 12:20 am NST

    Sign Ups Open, Search Begins

    With the three conglomerates from FSMO now mostly set up in the Soda Plot, progress can be made towards fixing the soda problem. This is good news, since witnesses reported seeing a very desperate Ian chewing on Rylon's stockpile of imported tea leaves yesterday. Word is that each company has a different advantage that will come in handy at certain stages, so choose which one you want to help carefully!

    Unfortunately, there's some bad news as well. It seems that some factory parts were lost in the move and Jellyneo can't issue occupancy permits until these items are found. If you think you can help out, sign up with a conglomerate and keep your eyes peeled.

    Six (6) types of items were lost:
    • Pieces of metal
    • Pieces of wood
    • Paint cans and paint brushes
    • Ropes
    • Saws
    • Wrenches

    You must find a combined total of 24 items. This means that you may have multiples.

    When you see a factory item, click on it and you'll be brought back to the Soda Plot.

    The following places are exempt from the search, so do not go looking there: the Altador Mini-Plot guide, the Tale of Woe plot guide, the Book of Ages, the JN forums, the Item Database, the Key Quest section, the Petpet Park section, the JN Portal, DrSloth.com, the In-Depth Battlepedia, AvatarLog, Game Graveyard game guides, the Pet Directory, the New Rainbow Pool, news archives of any kind, issues of the JN editorial, Advent Calendar animations.

    Further Tips & Hints:

    Here are examples of some of the items you're looking for:

    1. These do not show up as random events, so do not keep refreshing on one page.
    2. They are not hidden, they will show up in an obvious manner.
    3. 32 items are out there, but remember, you don't need all of them to finish!
    4. Psst, you might want to check out the acronyms page, then start checking articles, guides, etc.
    5. If you find an item on a page, you do not need to go there again to look for another. There won't be two items on one page.
    6. If you search through the whole articles section and the whole game guides section, you do not need to search through Guide to Neopia.
    7. The answer to a particular question can be found on the page where you found the item; all you need to do is read the content.
    8. Hint: I hope nothing bad happens to me or my pets!
    9. Hint: I want a good siggy, but I need help!
    10. Hint: If you're having difficulties, maybe you should start thinking of theories...
    11. Hint: They sure liked circles back in the old days of Neopets...
    12. Hint: At the top of Jellyneo, you'll see buttons that say "Your jnAccount" "News" "Articles", etc. You can hover over those to access more links.

    13. You need 24 items (check the Soda Plot page for your statistics). If you have that, you will be done for now and will no longer be able to see items on pages. Don't worry if you have zero wrenches or zero paint or zero saws, you will be able to proceed to the next step if you have 24 items.
    Breaking News - Investigation Results!
    • Posted by John Mynciwether
    • Posted on August 7, 2010, 5:01 pm NST

    Extra, extra, read more about it!

    Conglomerates Vie For Prized Soda Contract

    After a 12-hour investigation (so thorough that some staff members contributed to it while asleep), the problem has been identified as a long-term issue with TNTDWSSC that will affect all their soda for the foreseeable future. As such, Dave has terminated the contract and has put out a call for help using his connections in the FSMO (Fictitious Soda Manufacturers Organization). Three conglomerates from the FSMO have agreed to take over soda production, but due to the short notice, they have not had time to hire sufficient labour or acquire adequate materials and will need assistance from you in the following days. To make things easier, each conglomerate has been allocated an equal number of soda brands for which they will be responsible. These allocations will be kept confidential until the conglomerates are ready to put soda on the market. The three companies -- Fizz Fantasies Global (FFG), 2Pack Enterprises (2PE), and Bottle Caps LLC (BoCap) -- have been allotted a plot of virtual Jellyneo land, which has been dubbed The Soda Plot. The Soda Plot and this page will serve as the hubs for activity during this major crisis site event. To participate in this event, you'll need to sign up on the Services Portal.

    The conglomerates are still setting up, so there's nothing to be done today. If you would like to know about them, visit the plot page and hover over their respective logos.