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Soda Wars: The Refreshment Done

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    Soda Wars: The Refreshment Due - Day 10 Update
    • Posted by Jim Acaramer
    • Posted on August 17, 2010, 12:00 pm NST

    Shipping & Handling

    During a special lunchtime press event, information regarding soda progress was released. After three days of non-stop production, soda is finally ready for the most important phase: shipping. Staff members are eagerly looking forward to the first batches of (relatively) fresh soda. Unfortunately, following SMUG's example, Refreshment Unloader and Deliverers Edified (RUDE) -- the union group that all three conglomerates' shippers belong to -- has also gone on strike. While this may put additional pressure on the conglomerates leading to a quick deal with SMUG, for now this means that Jellyneo users are needed not only for finding ingredients and making soda, but for packing it, too! After all, it's no good if the soda is made and just goes flat on the factory floor. As usual, to help out just head over to the nerve centre.

    Curious how to find your average success rate? Just take 100 times the number of boxes you've shipped, divided by 64 times the number of shipping rounds you have done. That is to say,

    Success Rate (as a percentage) = 100 * Boxes Shipped / (64 * Shipping Games Played)

    Soda Wars: The Refreshment Due - Day 10
    • Posted by John Mynciwether
    • Posted on August 17, 2010, 12:00 am NST

    So when there's dry times, I wait for high times and then I put on my best, and I stick out my chest, and I'm off to the races again! Extra, extra, read all about it!

    Phase 3 Reports

    If the smokestacks are any indication, it's been another busy day down at The Soda Plot. The three analysts below will now discuss how things are progressing.

    Morgan Jetsamley for 2Pack Enterprises
    Wow, production of Jenuine Iced Tea has almost doubled! In total, 2Pack has over 74,500 boxes of fizzed soda and their per user stats are still going strong; they're almost caught up to BoCap's per user numbers. Keep working on that Iced Tea because we need 2PE!

    Michael Blumaroomberg for Bottle Caps LLC
    A shining example of teamwork, BoCap's still #1 in terms of...well, just about everything. They're about to surpass 150,000 boxes of fizzed soda! Will we ever see a cap in their productivity? Eh heh heh... One more thing: there's a lot of Illyade and Dandy Delight waiting to be mixed right now!

    Jim Acaramer for Fizz Fantasies Global
    The company is close to approaching 122,000 boxes of fizzed soda. SciFiz has emerged as the most popular brand to work on, but is sticking to the 'easy' ones the right strategy? On a per user basis, FFG's only working half as much as the other companies. This suggests that there are some key power players on FFG who are trying to 'pick up the slack'; however, it's not enough to beat BoCap. They might want to start mixing Diet Terry and Nexy Cola, as there's a considerable supply of finished recipes for those.

    Shipping Out!

    Onlookers spotted some new trucks arriving at each conglomerate's factory. These do not look like they're delivering something, they look like they're preparing to be loaded. The shipping and handling departments are getting cleaned up and organised. Word is, the next phase will be ready later today (we doubt a specific time will be given, but...soon).
    Soda Wars: The Refreshment Due - Day 9
    • Posted by John Mynciwether
    • Posted on August 16, 2010, 12:00 am NST

    Phase 3 Reports

    Reports continue to flood in from The Soda Plot. The three analysts below will now discuss how things are progressing.

    Morgan Jetsamley for 2Pack Enterprises
    2Pack continues to have the best record on a per user basis for finding those recipe cards, but no longer has the lead in mixing or fizzing. Jenuine Iced Tea continues to lag behind other sodas, leading to concerns that consumer interest in it will be lost. Currently, there's a big pile of finished recipe cards for the Iced Tea and Doctor Dave, so my advice? Keep at it, never give up, because small companies can win, too!

    Michael Blumaroomberg for Bottle Caps LLC
    BoCap users continue to perform strongly, having the highest per user production in both fizzing and mixing. They are also the first to surpass 100,000 boxes of fizzed soda; overall, very impressive. While BoCap is now the strongest performer of the three conglomerates, there's still time for a dramatic upset, so BoCap volunteers should not be using this success as an excuse to relax.

    Jim Acaramer for Fizz Fantasies Global
    Fizz continues to lag behind BoCap in production. However, all is not lost because they have shown the most growth in Phase 3A over the past day. FFG's volunteers are quite possibly the strongest at deducing recipes for their sodas. More recipes ultimately could lead to more sodas, but if the pace doesn't pick up across the other two stages of the manufacturing process, they might soon be referred to as just an "average" company.

    Breaking News!

    Due to complaints from conglomerate executives, the factory foreman, and users like you, the trucks that ingredient shipments are carried on arrive every 4 minutes. In addition, these trucks are loaded with bigger boxes, so every label you manage to recover will garner more ingredients for your conglomerate to use in recipe making.
    Soda Wars: The Refreshment Due - Day 8
    • Posted by John Mynciwether
    • Posted on August 15, 2010, 12:00 am NST

    Phase 3 Reports

    Insiders have begun to leak the first few bits of information on factory production. The following three analysts have read these reports and will now discuss how things are progressing.

    Morgan Jetsamley for 2Pack Enterprises
    2Packers may be small in number, but they certainly pack a big punch! On a per user basis, they are outdoing the others. Doctor Dave and Herdy Gerdy are by far the most popular, while Jenuine Iced Tea tends to sit untouched for long periods of time, waiting to be fizzed. However, they must keep in mind that the more complicated the soda, the higher the price will be, which means a bigger profit later on!

    Michael Blumaroomberg for Bottle Caps LLC
    If one simply looks at the total units of fizzed soda produced, then BoCap is definitely in the lead, with over 50,000 boxes! The total number of recipes made, number of sodas mixed, and number of sodas fizzed are all pretty much spread evenly across their brands. Consistency and balance, that's what BoCap's all about!

    Jim Acaramer for Fizz Fantasies Global
    There's no doubt that FFG has the largest volunteer work force, but in terms of total numbers, they are falling behind BoCap in just about every category. Every volunteer's producing much less than 2PE and BoCap. Could this company be suffering from freeloaders? Only time will tell!
    Soda Wars: The Refreshment Due - Day 6 & Day 7
    • Posted by Morgan Jetsamley
    • Posted on August 14, 2010, 3:03 am NST

    The Producers

    After some delays, soda production can begin once again! To celebrate this occasion, Kalianne revealed that she had a secret stash of Illyade hidden away and has kindly shared it with the rest of the staff, providing temporary respite. Jellyneo users can of course help out by assisting in the manufacturing process. The conglomerates have let you in to the nerve centre of the factory. Exciting! At the end of each day, the spokespersons for each conglomerate will provide a summary of how the day went.

    Tutorials and guidance for all phases can be found on the new help page. For Phase 3, though, you really need to put on your thinking caps!

    Phase 2, Phase 3A, 3B, and 3C are all linked. You will be using up the ingredients you collected in Phase 2, so if you need a break from the math and logic puzzles, you can help your teammates by labeling more ingredient boxes.

    • Phase 3C may take awhile to load. This is normal.
    • In order to see full stats, visit the nerve centre, which will act as a central hub from now on. Phase 2 stats are also accessible in the Phase 2 page, and Phase 3 stats are also displayed in the Hallway.
    • If you participated in Phase 3 yesterday, you'll notice that your stats were wiped. This was unavoidable--sorry for the inconvenience!
    • Any ingredients used up yesterday have been replenished. All Phase 2 ingredients from yesterday have also been added to each team's factory.
    • For Phase 3C, try to keep your vowel meters out of the red area! Once you go above 9, you will be in the red, and then if you submit, it will explode and give you another try.
    • The help page is seriously useful! It contains tips that are not mentioned elsewhere.