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Soda Wars: The Refreshment Done

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    Soda Wars: The Refreshment Done
    • Posted by Dave
    • Posted on August 22, 2010, 12:00 am NST

    The End Is the Beginning Is the End

    Hiya! I've been keeping an eye on Soda Wars for the past few weeks and I must say I'm impressed with the number of Jellyneopians who chose to volunteer (850, to be exact)! I've received the word that sabotage has been stopped and some key pieces of machinery have been saved--hooray! Thank you all very much for your assistance, we were going out of our minds from lack of precious, precious soda! I've looked at the final tallies, taken into account big and small companies, and one stood out amongst the rest. The permanent soda company for JN will be...

    Bottle Caps LLC!!

    Congratulations! Now, I'm sure the rest of you have lots of questions. Who or what was TNTDWSSC? Why did Jellyneo have a contract with them in the first place? I'm afraid I can't elaborate on that at the moment. Perhaps in the future, when another chain of events have been set into motion...

    You might also be wondering when trophies will be released. The staff members and I are taking today off to celebrate JN's birthday. Tomorrow, I'll assemble a team to go over each phase's stats in detail, and they'll do some jiggery pokery to figure out the trophy tier cutoffs. They'll also have to write up some code to award trophies, generate high score tables, and so on, so the whole process could take as long as a week. We plan to eventually keep Soda Wars puzzles and pages up on the site, just in case you have a hankering for factory work (or getting yelled at by irate Yurbles). It will take some time for this to be sorted out and accomplished. You will of course no longer be able to contribute points to a company.

    But enough talk about work...

    Soda Wars: The Refreshment Due - Day 14
    • Posted by Morgan Jetsamley
    • Posted on August 21, 2010, 12:00 am NST

    The Final Countdown

    In one for the history books, the conglomerates have unanimously agreed with both SMUG and RUDE in the same day. This will provide countless union workers with better paying jobs and will also allow Jellyneo users to focus all their soda related energy on stopping the massive sabotage that is still continuing. In other words, you no longer have to do Phases 1 through 4, just concentrate on Phase 5. If the disasters aren't stopped within 24 hours, it is likely the soda conglomerates will pull out of the deal, leaving Jellyneo staff high, dry, thirsty, and at the mercy of TNTDWSSC.

    Soda Wars: The Refreshment Due - Day 13
    • Posted by Morgan Jetsamley
    • Posted on August 20, 2010, 3:15 am NST

    Listen All Of Y'all This Is Sabotage

    Jellyneo security have received multiple reports of sabotage attempts, though no perpetrator has been found. Reports indicate the following problems:

    1. Faulty machine parts that will cause overheating -- these can be fixed using a Faeries 'n' Motes Kit.
    2. Disconnected and drained power cores (sadly, the machines don't run on Meepit power) -- these can be fixed using a mobile energy platform.

    If you have any information regarding the perpetrators, or if you experience something abnormal while helping out, please speak up using the "Make a comment!" link below.

    To help undo the sabotage, visit the nerve centre.

    Talks with SMUG and RUDE are scheduled for today; with any luck, tomorrow they will be handling manufacturing and shipping, allowing Jellyneo users to concentrate solely on this potentially debilitating anti-carbonation threat.
    Soda Wars: The Refreshment Due - Day 12
    • Posted by John Mynciwether
    • Posted on August 19, 2010, 12:00 am NST

    Phase 4 Reports

    Hang in there, everyone! It's another day, which means another summary from analysts!

    Morgan Jetsamley for 2Pack Enterprises
    On a weighted basis, 2Pack is still in second place. With just a handful of days left until JN's birthday party, will they be able to become number one? Volunteers might want to start concentrating on packing shipments of Doctor Dave; it currently has the lowest numbers. In total, 2PE has created over 2,500 recipes, mixed over 2,500 sodas, fizzed over 109,500 units, and shipped over 61,000 boxes.

    Michael Blumaroomberg for Bottle Caps LLC
    Still the company to beat! In total, BoCap has created over 5,300 recipes, mixed over 5,100 sodas, fizzed over 220,000 units, and shipped over 140,000 boxes. Completed recipes for Tropic Anna and Illyade aren't going to run out soon, so those who excel at Phase 3B should consider mixing them.

    Jim Acaramer for Fizz Fantasies Global
    In total, FFG has created over 4,600 recipes, mixed over 4,100 sodas, fizzed over 179,000 units, and shipped over 107,000 boxes. Huge amounts of Diet Terry and SciFiz are waiting to be mixed. I'm sure the higher ups wouldn't mind if you packed some more SciFiz to ship out as well. Remember, there's still time to climb up to the top!

    Phase 1 Update

    Newcomers might have realised that they are no longer required to complete Phase 1. This is because conglomerates have found vendors to supply their structural parts, so feel free to move on to the other stages.

    An Anonymous Note

    This new day brings some bad news. Shortly after receiving last night's status report, Jellyneo security received an anonymous threat. It has been reproduced in its entirety below.

    Dear Jellyneo,

    Our group, which wishes to remain anonymous at this time, has caught wind that you are hosting FSMO members who are using your space to perform vile operations, including the manufacturing of carbonated beverages.
    As a anti-carbonation interest group, we must express our displeasure. A great site like Jellyneo should not be involved with that industry. Soda has been shown to turn people's eyes a ghastly magenta and it draws attention away from healthier sources of refreshment, such as water from fresh springs. While we have held you in high regard previously, if you do not immediately cease all soda operations, we will be forced to take drastic measures and will offer no recompense for any material damages or other losses incurred.

    Please, do not let your site fizzle out.

    Thank you for your time, and we hope you see reason.

    More developments will be posted as they arrive.
    Soda Wars: The Refreshment Due - Day 11
    • Posted by John Mynciwether
    • Posted on August 18, 2010, 12:00 am NST

    Phase 4 Reports

    Ah, I love the sound of revving engines in the morning. As the hustle and bustle of The Soda Plot increases, the three analysts below will discuss how things are progressing.

    Morgan Jetsamley for 2Pack Enterprises
    2PE executives are very glad to see the enthusiasm for Jenuine Iced Tea for Phase 4, but the other brands need to be packed into shipments, too! Boxes of Doctor Dave, Pekkasi, and Herdy Gerdy have been sitting around for long periods and that's not good. If you really like Jenuine, concentrate on it for 3C. Trucks have rolled out with over 22,000 boxes of soda. For Phase 3C, over 94,000 units of fizzed soda have been created. If anyone has a penchant for Phase 3B, there's a bunch of Pekkasi and Herdy Gerdy waiting to be mixed.

    Michael Blumaroomberg for Bottle Caps LLC
    I think it's safe to say that BoCap is now setting the bar for everyone. A constant stream of horns sounded as truck after truck came and went, taking with them over 60,000 boxes. Phase 3C is approaching 200,000 finished units. Unfortunately, Dandy Delight and Suzukaberry Punch make up a relatively small fraction of BoCap's fizzed output due to the two sodas being neglected at the mixing station.

    Jim Acaramer for Fizz Fantasies Global
    When Phase 4 first came out, FFG was in the lead. Now, they're lagging behind BoCap once again, with over 42,000 boxes packed into shipments. Nevertheless, it's something to be proud of. 3C fizzing station totals are approaching 156,000 units. There's a huge pile of finished recipes for Diet Terry.