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Sutek's Tomb

Sutek's Tomb Information
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Sutek's Tomb is the best pyramid-themed flash puzzle game EVER!

Sutek's Tomb

Okay, so maybe it's the only flash puzzle game with a pyramid theme, but whatever. It is a slow-paced game that is not for people who love action, but it's an easy Neopoint-maker and has nice Egyptian-ish music on the side. Of course, it's also fun!

How To Play

The main goal is to switch around adjacent blocks so that you can get combinations of the same hieroglyphic. You can get rows of three, four or five; five-combos bring in the most points and three the least. Depending on which mode you are playing you get different amounts of points.

To switch around the blocks, just click on one you want to switch and then click on another you'd like it to be switched with. They must be adjacent, as said above, and if the switch doesn't line up three or more of the same type of block then they'll automatically be switched back to their original positions. In all modes, after you make a combo, the blocks in it will disappear and new ones will drop down to take their place.

Easy Mode

A combo of three blocks gives you 3 points, a combo of four gives you 9, and a combo of five gives you 21. There are 5 different symbols on the hieroglyphics (Geb, crystal, palm tree, sun and desert Blumaroo heads) placed on a grid size of 8x8 (64 blocks).

Geb Crystal Palm Tree Sun Desert Blumaroo

Hard Mode

A combo of three blocks gives you 10 points, a combo of four gives you 30 points and a combo of five gives you 70. This time there are scarab- and Coltzan's Shrine-styled hieroglyphics for a total of 7 different kinds of block. The game has a 10x10-size grid (100 blocks).

Scarab Coltzan's Shrine

Zen Mode

Only one point is awarded for any combo type (including bonus combos which will be discussed later). However, to compensate for this there is no time limit. It has 7 different hieroglyphics and the grid is 10x10 (100 blocks) in size.

On easy and hard mode there is a minute-long time limit, but scoring points results in gaining back a few seconds of time. So in theory, if one plays quickly enough they can play for as long as they want! Assuming, of course, that you don't ever hesitate when looking for your next move. ;)

Special Symbols

Along with the basic seven hieroglyphics, there are also five other icons that can be found on blocks: the bomb, the lucky coin, the hand-painted scarab, the good luck ankh and the Phantom Orange Shirt Guy's face.

Bomb Bombs will blow up the column above them if they fall for more than one block, and points will be awarded depending on how far down the column they are. Bombs automatically disappear if they reach the bottom of the grid (earning you 5 points in the process) and can also be used to form regular combos of three or more with other bomb tiles.
Lucky Coin Lucky coins act as wild cards, so they can be used with other hieroglyphics to create a combo. It's usually best to save these for larger combos or dire situations when you're running out of time.
Painted Scarab Hand-painted scarabs are also bombs, except they only explode when they reach the bottom of the grid. They blow up the entire column they were in and award you 100 points.
Ankh Good luck ankhs also explode when they reach the bottom of the grid, but in addition to the column they're in, they destroy the whole bottom row and award 200 points.
TPOSG The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy's face (you guessed it) also explodes when he reaches the bottom row, but he destroys the entire grid. Doing this is called a 'Magic Face Combo' and will earn you 500 points.

The hand-painted scarabs, lucky ankhs and TPOSG faces are easter eggs that rarely appear in the game. Although they award tons of points, when one of them appears it's still best to pay attention to the normal icons otherwise you'll run out of time. Another reason why it's best to pay attention to the other icons is because when the game reshuffles (this happens when there are no more possible moves) it deletes all of the special icons, including that smiling Phantom face. :(

Multiple Combinations

These multi combos happen when a combination is made from a chain reaction of an earlier combo. (Meaning that a combo was made without switching around any adjacent tiles, and usually from new tiles dropping down). Whenever this happens, you are awarded twice as many points than if it was a regular combo. You can also get multi combos from other multi combos, which results in three times as many points as normal, then four times, then five times... well, you get the idea.

Learn to recognize patterns where you can predict and create these multi combos. For example:

Combo bonus screenie

Here, if you switch around the bombs before the shrines, the bombs will disappear causing the top shrine to fall down and form a multi combo. This would result in a total of 30 points in hard mode! Special multi combo points don't apply in zen mode, though.

When There Are No More Moves...

Don't worry about it! The entire board will automatically reshuffle, creating new combo possibilities for you to make! Reshuffling will cause any of the special icons to disappear though, and if you're playing in Zen mode it will also reset your score (thanks to Leah for pointing out the latter).

There is a little trick you can do when the board reshuffles: before the timer starts again, you have a bit of time when you can see how the board looks before you continue to play. This means you can find some combos without losing any time! Use this to your advantage. ;)

Hints and Tips

  • You can pause the game at any time by clicking on the hourglass on the right of the board, though you only get three pauses per game so use them wisely.
  • If you get stuck, you can type in pyramibread during play to be shown the next move. And the best part is, you can use it as many times as you like!
  • Type in plzsutekcanihavemoretime for an extra 30 seconds at any point during the game (one use per game).

As Sophia points out, you can pause the game to type in the "plzsutekcanihavemoretim" part and then once you unpause the game you just have to hit the final "e" to get your time bonus without wasting any time at all! :D Or if you don't fancy using one of your pauses, you can start typing either of the cheat codes at the beginning of your game and just wait to type the final letter when you need to use it.

Easter Egg

Like many other games on the site, Sutek's Tomb was worked on by former staff member Ollie, who hid a little easter egg of himself in the game. Kate has kindly provided us with a screenshot of what this fabled egg may look like.


Sutek's Tomb also has its own Neopedia Article! And its own avatar of course. ;)

Suteks Tomb

Suteks Tomb

Send a score of 2,000+ points in Sutek's Tomb.

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