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Stocking Stufftacular

2019 Stocking Stufftacular

The Stocking Stufftacular is an NC Mall event in the month of Celebrating with a new gift appearing every morning from December 8th through January 1st. To participate, purchase your ticket pack and hang a stocking each night to receive your gift!

Ticket Packs

To participate, purchase a Stocking Stufftacular Stocking Pack from the NC Mall. To activate the Stocking Pack, visit your inventory and click on the ticket. Select the activation option. You can now visit the Stocking Stufftacular page and select the places you would like to hang your stockings.

Stufftacular Ticket Packs

2019 Stocking Stufftacular 25-pack

1,800 NC
Retires December 7th

2019 Stocking Stufftacular 10-pack

800 NC
Retires December 21st

2019 Stocking Stufftacular 5-pack

500 NC
Retires December 26th

2019 Stocking Stufftacular 1-pack

150 NC
Retires December 31st

Note that the ticket packs above begin retiring on December 7th so that you do not buy a ticket pack greater than the number of days remaining. You can always buy multiple lower denominations if you wish. (And you can use any extra stockings to get multiple prizes on a given day.)

Hanging Stockings

You must, at the latest, hang your stockings by 11:59pm NST the night before in order to receive your gift. For example, to receive a gift on December 8th, your stocking must be hung by December 7th at 11:59pm NST. If you miss the deadline, you will not receive the item for that following day.

You can hang stockings days or weeks ahead of time if you don't want to deal with remembering the deadline. Once hung, a stocking cannot be moved to a different day.

Below are each of the days that the stocking rungs correspond to:

You may hang up to five stockings for any given day (i.e., up to five stockings on the same peg). If you do, you'll receive multiples of the item(s) given out that day (bonus items are the exception to this rule; you will only receive one bonus item).

Items are given out daily at 5:00am NST, starting on December 8th. This means if you want that first gift, you have to hang a stocking on the first peg by 11:59pm NST on December 7th.

You can participate in this event on your side accounts.

If you have further questions, please visit the Official Stocking Stufftacular FAQ.


Below is a list of prizes and the day they were released. You will not be able to receive prizes from past days, so make sure to hang your stockings by 11:59 PM NST the day before.

If you end up with extra stockings, don't forget that you can use up to 5 stockings on each peg to receive up to 5 of the same prize!

Come back on December 8th for our prize list!
(Don't forget to hang your December 8th stocking by the 7th at 11:59 PM NST.)

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